Wells Adams Slams Rumors He Would Use Sarah Hyland's Money to Buy Her an Engagement Ring

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

The 34-year-old 'Bachelorette' alum fought back against claims that his girlfriend pays for everything.

Wells Adams is not here for haters.

The 34-year-old Bachelorette alum and radio host is clapping back at The Bobby Bones Show after one of its hosts, Lunchbox, claimed that Adams would use girlfriend Sarah Hyland's money to pay for her engagement ring. The accusation bothered Adams, who admitted that his "one pet peeve is when people say that Sarah pays for everything."

"Can I go on the record right here?" Adams asked his co-host, Brandi Cyrus, on their podcast, Your Favorite Things. "I will pay for this ring, I promise you. It will come out of my bank account, OK?” 

On The Bobby Bones Show, the hosts -- Lunchbox, Bobby Bones and Amy Brown -- also discussed Adams' recent move from Nashville, Tennessee, to Los Angeles, California, to move in with 28-year-old Hyland.

“He probably had a little one bedroom apartment here in Nashville and now he’s living in a mansion with a multimillionaire,” Lunchbox said on their show.

“By the way, I did not live in a one bedroom apartment in Nashville," Adams fired back, while playing the audio on his podcast. "I was like, motherf**ker, I owned a house then, a two-bedroom house, by the way, in East Nashville. At the end of the deal I had two houses in Nashville!”

Adams, Bones and his co-hosts all work for iHeart Radio. In fact, their first meeting came at the radio station in Nashville and left a bad taste in Adams' mouth.

“They’ve been trolling me for years. Years,” Adams said. “It’s one of those things where it’s like, ‘Okay, I get it. You guys don’t like me. OK fine. I don’t know what I did to you, but great. It's a morning show with a wacky cast... I remember going on the show right after The Bachelorette ended and they're mid-bit when I walk in and I sit down and it's like, 'Wells Adams from The Bachelorette is here! Is it true that you're gay?'"

"That was the first question he asked and I was like, 'OK. Cool. That's how we're starting this,'" Adams recalled. "... It's just weird because we work for the same company so you'd think they'd be on my side. You'd think that they'd be rooting for me."

On The Bobby Bones Show, they also threw shade at Adams' career. "He still works from the company, he just does it out of her house," Lunchbox said. "... He built a studio in her house! That's what I'm saying guys."

"Yes, I do have a studio in my house because I do this show from my house," Adams responded of his podcast. "I can't go to iHeart and be like, 'Hey let me do my other show from you guys' studios... Petty Betty over here just so upset."

"I like how the do the from her house," Adams added. "It's like let's make him feel a little bit sh*ttier if we possibly can."

In the end, Adams couldn't get past how the hosts were so focused on money.

“It's all about money to them. It had to be the apartment that I lived in, not the house that I owned. Oh no, don't forget, it's her house. Just so you know. It's her house. Yeah, they live together, but it's her house. Don't forget," he said. "Or like, I can't afford the ring. But f I've learned anything throughout my career it's that success in life has very little to do with your bank account. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll be happy."

“I guess the thing that grinds my gears the most is, anytime I’ve seen anyone from that show, they’re so nice to me. So nice to my face," Adams added. "Like, if you’re going to be a d*ck, be a d*ck all the time. If you’re going to be nice, be nice all the time, but don't me a part-time d*ck." 

Bones took to Twitter following his radio show to say that he "disagreed" when the comments were made and clarify that he's "got no beef."

"Maybe Wells is trying to start something with me for the press," Bones wrote.

"Slammed? No. Made a comment? Yes," Lunchbox wrote on Twitter of his comments.

For her part, Hyland was angered by Lunchbox's comments. “I told Sarah, I showed Sarah, and she was like, ‘I’m f**king going after this guy,’" Adams revealed. "And I was like ‘Don’t, that’s what they really want.’"

Watch the video below for more on Hyland and Adams: