'When Calls the Heart': Everything You Need to Know About Elizabeth's Pregnancy (Exclusive)

'When Calls the Heart' stars Erin Krakow and Lori Loughlin open up to ET about Elizabeth's baby bump, the birthing scene and more!

Oh, baby! It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Hope Valley.

When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing is premiering Christmas Day, when devoted #hearties will receive the ultimate holiday gift: a new baby in town!

We’re just as excited about Elizabeth Thornton’s bundle of joy as you are, so we tried to squeeze as much scoop out of the series’ stars, Lori Loughlin and Erin Krakow, when they stopped by ET just days ahead of the film’s premiere.

“The birth of Elizabeth's baby is highly anticipated by our fans that have been wanting this for a long time, so I think it is our most magical Christmas movie for sure. It's very special,” Loughlin gushed.

“I agree!” Krakow echoed. “[The film takes place] several months later. So we do a bit of a time jump which I think has been really useful, certainly good for all of the characters in Hope Valley because we've had a chance to grieve, mourn and move on. I think at this point in the story, everyone is hopeful for this future together and for the new baby… I also think the town looks so much more Christmas-y than it has in any of our previous movies as well. [Our set decoration team] really hit it out of the park.”

#Hearties near and far will certainly be impressed by Hope Valley’s sparkling Christmas tree and snowy landscape, but perhaps the most meaningful addition? The adorable baby bump worn by Krakow.

“I was so happy to wear it!” Krakow dished, before sharing she much prefers wearing the bump to her usual wardrobe on the show, very tight corsets. “This is the most significant, certainly physical, change [my character has ever had] and it gave me something new to play with.”

And, how’s this for some #heartie hospitality? Krakow said that despite the fact she’s not pregnant in real life, the cast and crew treated her like she was when she was on set. “Everyone was so nice to me! I mean, they're normally nice to me but this was like, 'Do you need a tea? Be careful on that step. Do you need help getting in and out of that chair?'”

For Loughlin, who is very close friends with Krakow outside of work as well, seeing her pal wearing the faux baby bump was a moving experience.

As she sweetly teared up, Loughlin marveled, “It was emotional to see [Krakow], she looked so beautiful. Even though you know it's fake, you have that emotional reaction of ‘Oh, wow!’”

The actresses confirmed that fans will meet Baby Thornton by the end of the WCTH Christmas film, and even teased what went into filming the anticipated delivery scene.

“In regards to Elizabeth's labor and delivery, it isn't necessarily a smooth process, it's a challenge,” Krakow revealed, adding that it involves a lot of heavy “breathing and moaning.” “[Filming the delivery involved] a lot of turning to Lori [Loughlin] and Pascale [Hutton]  and saying, 'Was that right? Did I do ok?'”

Loughlin immediately chimed in, “She did a great job, yes.  My girls are 19 and 20, Pascale has younger children so I was like, 'Pascale, I don't remember [what labor is like], you tell her!'”

We’ll have to tune in to learn the gender of Elizabeth’s baby, but we do know one thing: the little one will actually be portrayed by twins! Krakow says working with the babies has been incredibly heartwarming.

“I loved meeting Elizabeth's baby for the first time, babies in this case, I went to their trailer and got to say hello. It is crazy, and they are incredibly expressive. We'll see a lot more of that as the season progresses… There's a real bond there and they've got such a lovely family as well. The babies’ mom sends me photos of them and updates and things like that, it's been really nice. It's a special connection,” Krakow said, smiling.

“By the way, these babies look like her! Huge blue eyes!” Loughlin added. “I walked out and I was like, 'They look like you!' It's crazy!”

All this time spent around babies begs the question: Does Krakow have baby fever in real life?

“Not right this second, but I would love to be a mom one day,” Krakow said. Loughlin quickly jumped in to pay her pal a compliment, insisting she’ll be an incredible mother someday. “She sends me pictures of the babies who play her baby… even the kids [on the show], she's very emotionally invested in all of the children that play her students.”

When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing premieres Tuesday, Dec. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel. Season six is set to kick off Feb. 24.

The cast is just as close away from set as they are on it, so ET put them to the test with a game of Hope Valley High: assigning yearbook-style superlatives to one another. Yes, it's just as heartwarming and hilarious as it sounds. Watch below!


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