Whoopi Goldberg’s ‘Sister Act 3’ Dream Casting Includes Keke Palmer, Lizzo, Nicki Minaj and More

The 'Sister Act' star already has some names in mind for the sisters in her third film, including Lizzo, Keke Palmer and Nicki Minaj.

Your prayers have been answered, Sister Act fans! Not only is Whoopi Goldberg certain that a third installment will happen -- she's already drafting up her dream cast!

During an appearance on Comedy Central’s Hell of A Week with host Charlamagne Tha God, the 66-year-old actress shared that she has a list of people she would love to see come in to join the cast for Sister Act 3, including Keke Palmer, Lizzo, and "the girl with the chest. What's her name?"

An assist from Charlamagne Tha God helped The View cohost identify said girl to be rapper Nicki Minaj. Since we already know Palmer would be on board to join the cast, Goldberg's dream is already halfway to a reality! 

"I want everybody," she declared. "I want as many people who want to have some fun, because I really, desperately need to have some fun."

Goldberg -- who starred in the 1992 Sister Act original film and the sequel the following year --  said the script for the new film will be delivered "by the end of this month."

The star said that from there, she hopes that she and producing partner Tyler Perry will "get it together and get it done sooner rather than later.

Back in July, Goldberg spoke to ET about the upcoming threequel, where she gushed about revisiting her role as Deloris Van Cartier and her witness protection alter ego, Sister Mary Clarence.

Goldberg played coy when asked what she could spill about the upcoming film, but did elaborate on how the timing was right. "I've been trying to do this for six years," she said. "I was told no one was interested in this. It takes a minute for people to realize they should take their foot out of their mouth."

"It's coming. We gotta shoot it, but it's happening," Goldberg added. "You're never fully happy with a script because one of the things you find is you wanna have the space to make an adjustment if you need to. Sometimes what looks right on paper doesn't come out of your mouth the right way. You have to move it around a little bit but I'm very hopeful people will be happy."

Perry also spoke to ET in May about his involvement in Sister Act 3 and how it will honor the original film.

"We are pretty far down the line, and in the script and in the production of it so it's -- I'm really excited for it," Perry said at the time. "It's more Whoopi than anything. I wanted it to be the experience that I had watching both of [the first two films.] I want everybody who watches it to feel that way coming out of the theater, to feel that sense of good in life."

"And as far as Whoopi goes too, because I just want to make sure that she was honoring Dolores and honoring the ladies and the nuns, and what they had done before, so, I'm pretty excited about the script. It's going to be really, really phenomenal," Perry added.