Why Alaska, Monique Heart and More 'Drag Race' Queens Are Rooting for Yvie Oddly (Exclusive)

"That's no shade to the other girls. I just think this is Yvie's year."

The grand finale of RuPaul's Drag Race season 11 is upon us, and four queens are still vying for the crown: A'Keria C. Davenport, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Silky Nutmeg Ganache and Yvie Oddly, the latter of whom has been likened to past winners like Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderf**k and Sasha Velour.

For Alaska, whom ET caught up with at RuPaul's DragCon LA 2019 over the weekend, the comparison is an honor -- and it's why Yvie is Alaska's pick to win it all.

"I see amazing things in her drag that remind me of when I started drag," she said. "That sort of fresh perspective that she has is really, like, appealing. I really like her. And that's no shade to the other girls, because I think they're really amazing. I just think this is Yvie's year."

We posed the same question to other Drag Race legends and season 11 queens alike, and here's who else is casting their votes for Yvie:

Ariel Versace: "All these girls are super talented. We all had a lot of stuff go down this season, but everyone is so super hardworking. Don't tell anyone, but I'm Team Weirdo. Team Miss Yvie Oddly."

Blair St. Clair: "That is the question of the weekend! In my mind and in my eyes, I'm really rooting for Yvie Oddly. I think she is bringing something so different, so unique, so special to drag that we haven't seen in a long time -- or maybe ever -- and I think what she brings is so unique and crazy and different. You can see that she has a different take on things. I love seeing something that is out of the box, and she's very that."

Kahanna Montrese: "Definitely Yvie Oddly. She is a huge inspiration to me, because I'd seen her before she was like, this huge superstar. I was at her very first drag show and to see her really evolve and become this legend that she is today, it's really inspiring. So, I'm excited to see her take the crown."

Mercedes Iman Diamond: "If I had to pick one, it would be Yvie. I love Yvie and she's one of those queens where you expect a lot from her and every time she came down that runway it was like, 'Wow!' Like, 'Oh my god.' She turned out runway looks. And Brooke Lynn too. But Yvie was the one that walked in the first day with this little car and you're like, 'Oh!' I'm rooting for Yvie."

Monét X Change: "Team Yvie! Yes, I said it. I'm Team Yvie. Because she's f**king weird, she's cool and she's amazing. Team Yvie all the way."

Monique Heart: "Well, legendary children, I feel that Yvie Oddly is winning the crown, America. I just feel like, in my spirit, I felt like she brought it. I feel like she's a different weirdo, and she's speaking for the weirdos out there that don't have a voice. And she's smart and she's hot...I have [met Yvie]. She's great until she laughs, and then I'm scared."

Nina West: "I am always Team Brooke Lynn. Brooke Lynn's been my girl for about 10 years. But I'm also Team Yvie. I think Yvie is going to be a quiet and deadly wrench in the works of that final four. I'm really excited to see what happens, because no one is safe."

Plastique Tiara: "I'm rooting for either Brooke Lynn or Yvie. [Brooke Lynn], I've gotten so close with over the season. She's one of my best friends that I've made from the season so far, and we always hang out with each other and FaceTime each other. Yvie, I've gotten to know recently and is a lovely person and she can turn it on stage."

Scarlet Envy: "My pick to win is Yvie Oddly. She put denim on me and I'm still daydreaming about it, so of course shout out to the Haus of Oddly. Team Yvie."

Shuga Cain: "I think they all deserve to be in the top, but one of the girls that I've always really loved watching is Yvie Oddly. I think her drag is fresh, it's young, it's creative and it really just pushes the boundaries. Half the time I'm looking at her sh*t and I'm like, 'Girl, this is trash! Like, what are you doing?' And then it comes out to be this amazing thing. So, I really think she has a great shot."

Soju: "Yvie! Yvie is definitely my top pick."

Trinity the Tuck: "My two faves are Brooke Lynn and Yvie. I don't really care who wins. I think Brooke Lynn has probably done the best overall, but Yvie has that edge. So, whoever wins, wins. It just better not be another damn tie, let me tell you that."

Trixie Mattel: "If you look at the track record, you have to think, 'Who's done the best this season? Who has the biggest fan following?' And I think the true winner [is] Tammie Brown. Always."

Tune into the RuPaul's Drag Race season 11 finale on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.