Inside RuPaul's DragCon LA 2019: All of ET's Exclusive Interviews, Live Performances and More!

Check out exclusive interviews with your favorite queens and an all-access pass to the hottest panels.

The most gag-worthiest weekend of the year has come to an end.

ET has your all-access pass to RuPaul's DragCon LA 2019. We were wigging out and broadcasting live from our main stage smack dab on the convention floor as queens from every season of RuPaul's Drag Race -- and Ru himself -- convened at the Los Angeles Convention Center for three days of glitter, goopery and all things drag.

From panel highlights to live performances to exclusive interviews for all your favorite queens, ET Live brought you complete coverage of DragCon, and now you can relive it all with this look back at the draggiest con of the year:


The final day of DragCon included must-see interviews with Trixie Mattel, Alyssa Edwards and season 11's Miss Congeniality frontrunner, Nina West. Plus, the heart of season 10 and All Stars 4, Monique Heart, brought her oh-ah-ah sensation to the ET Live stage.

Rebecca Black Wants to Be a Guest Judge on Drag Race: "I got to go to DragCon New York this last year, and I performed, and it literally, I'm sure so many people have said this, but it changed my life," she said. "There's something about the drag community. I think it's what the drag community is, of freedom of expression, creating new areas for yourself that have never existed before, and that is something that I've had to do in my life. And I just -- I feel so safe here!"

The singer has definitely evolved from her "Friday" days, but she's not turning her back on the song that made her famous. "I was a kid doing my thing, being creative at 13," she explained. "I'm just happy to see people having fun with it!"

Trixie Mattel Talks Friendship With Katya: "Drag or sobriety or friendship, nothing is ever a straight road, so it's weird to watch back," she told ET of seeing her ups and downs with Katya play out in her documentary, Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts. "I was afraid at one point that Sonny and Cher would have to become just Cher. But um... not yet!"

"Well, she's much older than me, so that day will come!" she added. (Get the full story here.)

Peppermint on Being the First Trans Woman to Originate a Role on Broadway: "Honestly, I was not checking for it. I was on tour, I was making them tour coins... [but] it was life-changing," Peppermint said. "It was Head Over Heels, based on the music by the Go-Gos, and it was such a wonderful experience. It dealt with everything: queerness, body positivity, all of my messages rolled into one, and it was such an epic experience."

How Did Michelle Visage and RuPaul First Meet? It's quite the "love affair," and Visage dished all about it at DragCon on Sunday. It started in the '80s and decades later, Ru still thought Visage was a "f**king superstar."

Trinity "the Tuck" Taylor on Snatching Her Own Wig for Carson Kressley: Trinity gave Kressley the wig off her own head while giving him a drag makeover on Saturday -- and didn't mind it, either. "Well, you gotta do what you gotta do! He was like, 'Where's my wig? And I'm like, 'Oh my god, I forgot the wig!' So I'm a giver!" she joked.

"It was hard! I was sweating! You probably couldn't tell because of the Botox, but girl, it was hard!" she added of doing Kressley's makeup. "When somebody's looking forward and there's horrible lighting and you're trying to brows... it's a lot of work!"

Manila Luzon Takes Inspiration from an Unlikely Source: If you were guessing Bob Ross was the inspiration for Manila Luzon's look on Sunday, you'd be right. "I always wanted to be a famous artist. I should have been more specific in what art I would be doing. I thought I'd be a painter like Bob Ross, but I ended up being a drag artist," she dished to ET.

Kahanna Montrese Has "No Regrets" About Season 11 of Drag Race: Competing on season 11 of Drag Race -- even if she was eliminated second -- taught Kahanna a lot about herself. "Looking back, it was crazy, because I got to see myself in such a vulnerable state. That whole process, it was just a journey of self discovery, so I don't regret anything. I needed that process to find myself. And that whole journey, it was coming to the self-realization that I have to put me first. I have to be a little more organized, and when it comes to a game like this, you have to be game ready!" she told ET.

Monet X Change Has Her Pick to Win: The current reigning winner of All Stars (or one of them -- she's still sharing her crown with Trinity "the Tuck" Taylor) is "Team Yvie!" all the way. "Yes, I said it! I'm Team Yvie, because she's f**king weird! She's weird, she's cool and she's amazing! Team Yvie all the way!" Monet exclaimed. 

"Tongue Pops and Prayers": That's what Alyssa Edwards says got her an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette and all her other successes. "It was two years in the making," she said of the palette. "It took me six months of reading and studying and soul searching, and now when I open that palette, I see a life. It's a journey, it's a career, it's a celebration. And you've got to get your hands on one! Look at all this color!"

"This year is special because of the palette. I walk over there and I see my name. And I remember being a little gay boy that created Alyssa Edwards in Mesquite, Texas, just with a hope and a dream and a lot of tongue pops and prayers. It's just a dream come true, for real," she added.

What's In Laganja Estranja's Drag Bag?: "Cannabis, hello!" --and naturally, she's got some in her bag. Some chewing gum, hand lotion and her new edibles ("all vegan, gluten-free," she teased). "The flavor is passion fruit with a lemon lime twist -- perfect for the summer!"

Monique Heart Does Her Best Yvie Oddly: "I feel like she is speaking for the weirdos out there who don't have a voice," Monique told ET of the fan favorite on Drag Race this season. "She's great until she laughs, and then I'm scared... it's like she growls at the same time." Check out her impression in the video above.

Nina West on Her Miss Congeniality Chances: "It's pretty awesome to come out of an experience where it wasn't the result you wanted, but it's better than the result you thought you were going to get. And I am just on cloud nine," she told ET. "I'm really grateful to Ru and to this entire team and to the world for giving me this opportunity and allowing me and my story to connect with them. I'm really grateful and humbled by all of this." 

Joey Graceffa Relates to James Charles' Struggles: The fellow YouTuber told ET that he's thankful Charles' feud with Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star was squashed.

"I mean, what he went through is something that no human should ever have to experience, like, that level of intensity," he said of the negative comments directed at Charles amid the scandal. "It's surprising that he didn't like, kill himself. And I feel like it's going to get to that point where someone who isn't as strong as James is going to get to the point where they believe what people are saying."

Blac Chyna Talks Rob Kardashian: ET sat down with Chyna at her Lashed Cosmetics booth, where she opened up about keeping things civil with her ex. "I just feel like having a good relationship with the other parent and co-parenting is a healthy type of thing," Chyna said. "It's something that a lot of people need to practice."


Day two continued with an exclusive sit-down with RuPaul at our ET Live main stage, along with interviews with all your faves -- Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Yvie Oddly, Blair St. Clair and more. Now here's the tea:

Is Vanjie Ready to Date After Her Split From Brooke Lynn Hytes? "I'm a hopeless romantic and I love Brooke Lynn," the fan favorite told us backstage, before offering us this dating pitch: "Come one, come all. I don't discriminate, I participate. Vanessa Vanjie is waiting for you."

Will RuPaul Ever Retire? DragCon's grande dame took time out of his packed schedule to stop by the ET Live stage, where he revealed that he'll never hang his wigs up. "I love being creative, whether I am making money or not. I love being creative," Ru said. "As long as there is a piece of paper and some tape, I can be creative and create something. That is what I am all about. I'm going to keep doing that." (Get the full story here.)

Silky Gets Real About Her Haters: The one and only Silky Nutmeg Ganache took over our ET Live stage. "Online, I'm the most hated. The reality of it is, in person I am truly loved," she told Jason Carter and Brice Sander. "And I appreciated that a little old me, a little boy from Mississippi could come to L.A. and be love and accepted. That's the beautiful thing about the LGBTQ community." (Get the full story here.)

Carson Kressley's First Drag Makeover: We caught up with the Drag Race judge before and after his "Drag Eye for the Queer Guy" panel, during which All Stars 4 winner Trinity the Tuck will get Carson all up in drag for the first time ever. "This is kind of like gay Christmas!" he told ET before the big makeover.

And while Kressley is Drag Race family, he admits he still geeks out over the queens. "When they're in their whole get-up, it becomes quite gag-worthy. And every time I see Ru, that's like meeting the baby Jesus," he gushed. "So yeah, I get very fangirl-y about a lot of people."

Yvie Oddly on What It Would Mean to Win Season 11: "A lot of what I do and what my art stands for isn't necessarily about perfection and polish," Yvie explained to us. "I feel like it would really show -- not only the kids, but more importantly me -- that you don't always need to have the best connections or the most money, you just need to have a really strong point of view and be authentic to who you are."

Brooke Lynn Hytes on Making Canada Proud This Season: "I kind of understand what it feels like to be a sports fan now," the ballerina-turned-season 11 frontrunner told us backstage. "This is like the gay people's NHL and I'm like Wayne Gretzky for Canadians right now."

Ross Mathews Explains Why DragCon Is So Important: "It's going to get a little heavy," he warned Jason Carter. "Our show Drag Race is hilarious and colorful, but at its core, it's really about celebrating what makes us different and what makes us unique. And so why DragCon is so important is that it's all those people who resonate with that message, coming to be different and celebrate what makes them unique. You walk around and it's every color of the rainbow, every shape and size of person and everybody is likeminded and just here because they love."

As for whether he's dating anyone following his recent split, "I'm single right now so I'm dating a lot of people -- that came out wrong," he laughed. "I'm open to dating. I was in a longterm relationship and then I was in something else and now I'm open to anything."

Is Blair St. Clair an All Star?: The season 10 contestant certainly makes a good case for coming back for an All Stars season. "Since the time of me being on Drag Race to now, not only have I glowed up physcially and changed a lot of my aesthetic, but as a person I have truly found who I am inside, I've accepted it, I've loved it and I want to take my next steps forward," she told Brice Sander at our ET Live main stage. "So I feel like I'm a really freed person so going back on any TV opportunity would just be the right time.

And while Miss Blair loves reuniting with her Drag Race alumni at DragCon, she also enjoys meeting those new faces for a very specific reason. "It's always fun to see a new face that you see online, you scroll through Instagram and you double tap a few times, and it's good to meet them in person. And then you can see how Photoshopped they are in person or not." Now that's the tea.

How Patrick Starrr Feels About the James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook Drama: "I'm glad it's over! We can get back to what we are meant to be doing," the beauty guru told us at the main stage. "And the only drama that Patrick Starrr has is on the eyes. Glitter, lashes, that is what I am here for!" 

Why Alaska Is Team Yvie Oddly: "I see amazing things in her drag that remind me when I started drag," she told us at the ET Live main stage. "That fresh perspective she has is really appealing. I really like her."

Michelle Visage on What She Really Thought of Joel McHale's Guest Judging: "It was just like hashtag enough," she said of McHale's divisive yelling during the Judgey Judies panel. "It was like when straight guys walk into a gay bar but treat it like a sports bar. I'm always considerate of our guest judges because they are our guests and I love that they're there and they're all super fans. But I think he thought it was funny and I love Joel but I kind of just had enough. We have a great relationship but at that moment, I didn't know him as well as I know him now, but it was like, 'Can you please shut the f**k up?'"

RuPaul's Opening Remarks: ET was on the floor for the official ribbon cutting and opening remarks from Mama Ru, followed by the unrolling of the pink carpet as the queens of Drag Race made their grand entrance.


The first day of DragCon included a live recording of The Official RuPaul's Drag Race Podcast and a Comedy Queens: Seriously Funny panel featuring the likes of Nina West, Pandora Boxx and Meatball.

Adore Delano Kicks Off DragCon: Don't forget that this queen famously competed on American Idol before her Drag Race tenure and has since released three albums of her own. On day one, she performed on the Main Stage and got the crowd going with a rendition of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."


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