Why Becky G Was Nervous to Go Country With Kane Brown Collaboration (Exclusive)

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

The 'Sin Pijama' singer is full of surprises!

Becky G is going country! 

The "Sin Pijama" singer surprised Beasters when her Kane Brown collaboration, "Lost in the Middle of Nowhere," dropped last week, and while country fans are loving the track, she admitted to ET's Cassie DiLaura that she was a little nervous to step foot in that arena.  

"100 percent," she confessed of her trepidation at the Spotify Secret Genius Awards in Los Angeles on Friday. "I think as an artist, especially in this day and age, there's mixed emotions. There's definitely this creative freedom, that I feel very liberated by... why do we have to be put into boxes? But at the same time, you're like, 'Am I going to be accepted in this genre? Am I going to be accepted by this community or this audience of fans?'"

"It's been so amazing, because Kane himself, when you look at how he grew up and then how he became an artist and the music that he's been making, we have so much in common as far as being new faces to the scene," she continued. "I was so excited about the collaboration, not just because I was a fan of music, but because of him. I was a great fan of him, and I'm just so happy. I'm happy that it's gone well."

While this is Becky's first country song, she's definitely not a new listener. 

"I love all country music," she revealed, sharing that she's a big fan of Tim McGraw and George Straight's ability to tell a story through music. "The core of it, it's about sharing parts of your life, whether it's from your imagination or things you've actually experienced, and I really appreciate that as a songwriter." 

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

As for what's next for the singer, Becky teased that more cross-genre collabs might be in her future. 

"First I started off as a rapper, then I went into pop music, then I started doing reggaeton music, and rapping in Spanish, and I did country," she explained. "I think it would be interesting to do some kind of alternative rock situation. I would like to go back to my rap roots too. I would really love that."

The 2018 Latin GRAMMY Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday seemed to be a hub for artists looking for their next collaboration. Find out who Karol G has on her wish list in the video below.