Why Beyonce Isn't Attending the 2018 Met Gala (Exclusive)

The mega singer, fresh off her epic Coachella performances, could probably use a break.

Beyonce is skipping the Met Gala this year.

A source tells ET that Beyoncé is no longer attending the star-studded soiree in New York City on Monday, but is instead going to take a trip thanks to her husband, JAY-Z.

“JAY-Z surprised her with a trip because he felt she needed to relax before her tour," the source says, referring to the couple's upcoming On the Run II tour.

The source adds Beyoncé was planning to wear a custom designed gown by DUNDAS. The designer behind the brand, Peter Dundas, had been working for weeks on the custom creation.

ET has reached out to Vogue, which declined to comment on the Met Gala’s guest list. ET has also reached out to Beyonce's and Jay-Z's reps for comment.

Beyonce has definitely been busy, pulling off a stunning performance at this year's Coachella not just for the festival's first weekend, but for the second weekend as well.

And after a few years of Met Gala-related drama, perhaps it's not the worst idea for the couple to slip away on a low-key mystery vacation.

Past Met Galas saw Beyonce attending by herself in 2016 -- without her wedding ring on -- amid rumors of JAY-Z's infidelity. Two years prior, Beyonce was caught on video looking on as her sister, Solange, yelled, hit and kicked JAY-Z in a hotel elevator. Solange later apologized and she and JAY-Z put out a joint statement indicating that they "worked through it."

For a look back at Beyonce and JAY-Z's relationship as they celebrated 10 years of marriage last month, watch the video below.



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