Why DeMarco Morgan and Eva Pilgrim Replacing Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes for 'GMA3' Is 'Not Surprising': Source

DeMarco Morgan, Eva Pilgrim, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images/Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images

DeMarco Morgan and Eva Pilgrim were named the new hosts of 'GMA3' on Thursday.

A new duo is getting ready to helm GMA3. Amid news that DeMarco Morgan and Eva Pilgrim will replace T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach on Good Morning America's third hour, a source tells ET that the choice is "not surprising."

The source says that the newcomers' "overall chemistry, good rapport with one another, and general likability, not only amongst the audience watching, but among staff across ABC News," led to them landing the gig.

"Eva has always been kind and dedicated to her work, and a staple at ABC for more than seven years, so it's no surprise she would be selected to lead GMA3 into a new era," the source says. "As for DeMarco, he's really risen to the challenge and stepped up to the plate over the past few months, essentially uprooting his life in L.A. to make the move to NYC, and that did not go unnoticed. He's charming, has charisma and seems to get along well with Eva. It's a new era for GMA3."

The source also notes that "it's also no surprise that the two co-anchors would bring much-needed diversity to an hour that was already lacking."

ABC News announced Morgan and Pilgrim's new gig on Thursday, additionally sharing that the duo will be joined by Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who is ABC News' chief health and medical correspondent. 

The move came nearly four months after ABC parted ways with Robach and Holmes in response to their secret romance becoming public. At the time, Holmes was married to Marilee Fiebig and Robach was hitched to Andrew Shue.

Currently, both Holmes and Robach are separated from their spouses and continuing their relationship with each other. A source tells ET that the duo appears to be laying low, trying to pick up the pieces and build upon a new life and future together.

"Their relationship appears strong and they continue to support one another via a united front," the source says. "Expect to see them back working in some capacity, but when that will happen remains to be seen."