Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Hold Hands in NYC as Their Romance Goes Strong

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes

The ousted 'GMA 3' co-anchors are still going strong after news of their romance broke late last year.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are still going strong!

The former GMA3 co-anchors were spotted on the streets of New York City over the weekend, walking hand in hand. The pics see the couple keeping things casual, with Robach dressed down in a white tank, jean jacket and olive green joggers, while Holmes, meanwhile, sported a white long-sleeved t-shirt and distressed jeans. 

The couple each sported shades as the enjoyed a spring stroll in the city.

The new photos of the pair come after Robach and Holmes were seen at the NYC Half Marathon last month -- just their second public outing since parting ways with ABC in January -- following the news of their romance.

The running buddies ran the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon side by side. Keeping their focus on the 13.1 mile race, the pair dressed in warm athletic wear as they braved the NYC chill.

Holmes wore an all-black wind breaker and shorts, that he layered over a pair of compression leggings. The former anchor wore a hat, gloves and stood out in lime green running shoes.

The duo ran the New York City Marathon alongside each other three months prior.

Seeing the couple running marathons or out for a walk in NYC comes a no surprise with a source previously ET that Robach and Holmes have always been into fitness.

"Both Amy and T.J. have always been fitness enthusiasts, taking fitness very seriously, working out daily, eating right, and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle," the source told ET. "Amy has been an avid long-distance runner the majority of her life, she's on KETO, and has always used the open road to clear her mind, focus her energy, and channel it into bettering herself."

The source added, "And while T.J. has always been very active/into sports, Amy inspired his newfound love of long-distance running, and it's been a shared passion ever since. Expect to see the two on the open road, running together, in future races."

As for their romance, a separate source told ET, "Amy and T.J. are living their best lives now that everything with their careers has been ironed out. They have both been forward-thinking people, who look ahead towards the future and never look back."

"Right now, the two are taking time to enjoy each other's company and wait it out until the dust officially settles and they can go back to a normal life," the source noted.

See more on their romance in the video below.