How Amy Robach Inspired T.J. Holmes' Fitness Routine (Exclusive) 

The couple has a strong bond over fitness.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are partners in life and in fitness. 

A source tells ET that both Amy and T.J. have always been fitness enthusiasts, taking exercise very seriously, working out daily, eating right, and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

"Amy has been an avid long-distance runner the majority of her life, she's on KETO, and has always used the open road to clear her mind, focus her energy, and channel it into bettering herself," the source says. 

"And while T.J. has always been very active/into sports, Amy inspired his newfound love of long-distance running, and it's been a shared passion ever since. Expect to see the two on the open road, running together, in future races," the source adds.

On Nov. 7, 2022, Amy and T.J. completed the New York City marathon together, with Amy sharing several photos of the two of them running alongside one another, as well as celebrating post-race.

A source told US Weekly that Amy challenged herself to run four marathons in 2022, with two in two weeks, and T.J.'s support meant a lot to her, as she wrote on Instagram, "4 marathons... 2 in the last 4 weeks... NO WAY I could ever have accomplished this alone! I love this running crew so much. We encourage each other, train together and finish together."


It looks like the couple will be continuing their love for running. A source told Page Six that the former GMA3 anchors will be among the thousands of runners racing in the United Airlines NYC half marathon on Sunday.