Why Gigi Hadid Calls Sister Bella a 'Blessing' at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (Exclusive)

The 23-year-old model also teased the 'unique' angel wings she'll be wearing down the runway.

The group of models walking the Victoria's Secret runway this year feels like family to Gigi Hadid, but she'll also be walking alongside her real sister in the show. 

Gigi and Bella Hadid became the first sisters to walk in the iconic VS show together in 2016. Gigi had walked in the show the year prior, and in 2017, Bella walked alone. This month's event marks their big VS reunion. 

"I mean, Bella is such a blessing for me as a friend and a sister," Gigi gushed to ET as she got her hair and makeup done ahead of the show in New York City on Thursday. "It's really nice to be able to, in this industry or any industry really, look across the room and have family, and feel like you have a piece of home with you regardless of where we are in the world." 

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

"But really, I feel like all of these girls are my sisters, and I know so many different girls," she said, calling out her years-long friendship with Taylor Hill and Sara Sampaio, with whom she posed for Sports Illustrated for the first time. "I have really different memories and experiences with each girl, and it's a really nice feeling to just celebrate them."

Gigi is also looking forward to ushering in a new group of first-time Victoria's Secret models. "It's also fun to give that feeling to the girls that are walking for the first time, and to let them know that it's OK, and it can already get easier their first show. That way [they] realize they're all here for them," she explained.

As for what the 23-year-old model will be wearing down the runway, her lips are sealed. But one thing's for sure: her wings will make a big statement. 

"I don't have an exact pound number for you, but they're my biggest wings and my heaviest wings I've ever had in the show, so they are about three or four feet taller than me and wide and a unique shape for me," she teased. "[They're] the opposite of aerodynamic. [They're] heavy and it's gonna be a trek, but it's a really nice feeling to be given the responsibility of wearing heavy wings." 

"I just hope I make everyone proud," Gigi added. 

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs Dec. 2 on ABC. See more on Gigi in the video below. 


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