Why John Krasinski Didn't Tell Wife Emily Blunt He Was Doing His Own Stunts on 'Jack Ryan' (Exclusive)

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John Krasinski really committed to the character on season two of Jack Ryan -- but didn't clue his wife in on just how far he'd go. 

ET's Rachel Smith spoke with the actor on the red carpet at the season two premiere of the Amazon Prime Video series in New York City on Tuesday, where he opened up about doing his own stunts... and not giving Emily Blunt a heads up about it. 

"Oh yeah, [I'm a] stunt man," Krasinski shared, though quickly joked his stunt crew wouldn't agree with his new label. "Our stunt crew at home is like, 'Not stunt man. We've seen him in action -- trust me.' ... And I just turned 40, so I think those stunts will be declining very quickly."

This season of Jack Ryan is bigger and better, according to Krasinski, and he stepped up to the plate. "It was very fun. I gotta say, one of my favorite places in the world was London -- obviously because my in-laws are there, but I never shot there before, and I certainly never shot a scene where I was jumping off roofs and jumping from roof to roof. That was something, in retrospect, stupid," he cracked. "But it looked great."

"Emily didn't know I was doing them. That was probably the smartest," he revealed.  "[But] I didn't know I was doing them. We got there and I was like, 'Yeah, I'll do one,' and I ended up doing 15, and it was good."

During ET's visit to the Jack Ryan set, Krasinski joked he "won't let" Blunt co-star on the series -- but he's always happy to have her support. "She is one of the people who will take me any way I come, which is really nice -- but I don't think she dislikes the action hero version of me," he confessed. "It's been great. She's been super supportive of all of it."

Season two of the series sees Jack travel to South America to take down the bad guys. "For me, the most exciting thing was to play a personal story, like a personal revenge story," Krasinski told ET at the premiere. "A friend of mine is in a lot of trouble and something bad happens to him, so the entire season, I'm trying to find out who did it to him, and trying to avenge a great friend." 

"It sounds super corny, but if you liked the first season, I think you'll really like the second season. It's bigger, it's a little grittier, it's more fun," he promised. 

Season two of Jack Ryan premieres Friday on Amazon Prime Video. 


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