Why Michael B. Jordan Says It Will Be Extra 'Tough' To Be Away From His Family This Thanksgiving (Exclusive)

The actor spoke with ET on set in Berlin and got a special message from his family back home.

In his upcoming action thriller, Without Remorse, Michael B. Jordan plays a trained Navy SEAL who sets his sights on revenge following a personal tragedy. 

The exciting project further solidifies Jordan's place as one of Hollywood's hottest leading men, but filming the project in Berlin means he's going to be away from his family for Thanksgiving, and this year that reality is particularly difficult for the star.

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with the 32-year-old actor on set in Berlin recently, and he opened up about why being out of the country for this holidays is especially hard for him this time around.

"I am gonna miss my family. There's a lot of stuff going on," he shared. "My sister, she's getting ready to give birth! She's gonna be a mommy and I'm gonna be an uncle, so I'm really excited about that."

"I'm missing that, which is really tough," he added. "My mom's birthday is November 25th so that's right around Thanksgiving but I'm gonna be here."

However, he's making the most of the situation, telling ET that he's "gonna cook" with his Without Remorse "family" -- i.e. his fellow cast mates and crew on the set. "I'm gonna hold a traditional Thanksgiving dinner here in Berlin."

However, ET had a special surprise for Jordan -- a heartfelt message from his family back home.

"I love you, dearly, I miss you. I can't wait to introduce you to your new niece or nephew," Jordan's sister, Jamila, says in the sweet video, where she's joined by the actor's brother, his dad, and his mother, who loving tells Jordan, "You add such lightness and such humor to every occasion that we have."

It was a sweet moment that brought a huge smile to Jordan's face. "Aww, that's my family, for sure. I love that," he marveled.

While shooting Without Remorse in Berlin, Jordan is starring as the famous Tom Clancy hero, John Clark (a.k.a. John Kelly), who goes on a revenge rampage and soon finds himself in the center of a complex web of conspiracy.

"We pick him up kinda in conflict. John Kelly is very good at what he does. He's a Navy SEAL so, you know, he's out there, in the field on missions, and he's conflicted between home, his work and his personal life," Jordan teases about his character. "Due to some tragic circumstances [which] force his hand to make a decision…. he's a man on a mission. [And] he's kind of the wrong guy to tick off."

Without Remorse hits theaters Sept. 18, 2020.