Why Timothée Chalamet Isn't Stressing Over the Paparazzi (Exclusive)

The actor's PDA with Lily-Rose Depp has been caught several times by photographers.

Timothée Chalamet isn't feeling the pressures of the spotlight. 

The 23-year-old actor's recent career success -- and rumored relationship with Lily-Rose Depp -- have made him a target of paparazzi, but he's not too concerned. As he told ET's Lauren Zima at the New York City premiere of his new movie, The King, on Tuesday, there are more stressful things in life. 

"I feel like, even when I was growing up, like, I don't know, there's ways to meet it halfway," he explained. "And I would way rather [have] these kinds of stresses or anxieties than what am I going to get on my PSAT or SAT or ACT or whatever. I guess I'm not in high school anymore. What's the college equivalent? The bar or something, to be a lawyer."

"I don't feel like it works that way as much," Chalamet added of being hounded by photographers. "Those things exist, but -- this is a bigger conversation. But with social media, everyone has a camera anywhere, so I wonder what the business model is, following someone around with a DSLR, but who knows?"

Theo Wargo/Getty Images
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Chalamet and Depp's PDA has been spotted several times by paparazzi, but the 20-year-old actress also doesn't appear too concerned by the attention. 

"Things like this are always crazy," she told ET on the red carpet, referencing the focus on her personal life and new movie. "It's overwhelming in the best way to be here with everybody, and everybody's coming to show support."

In The King, Chalamet stars as Hal, a wayward prince and reluctant heir to the English throne. Depp stars as his love interest, Catherine of Valois. While speaking with ET earlier on Tuesday, Depp said Chalamet was "incredible" to work with.

"It's always exciting to work with somebody who you know has given themselves so wholeheartedly to their role and is so invested," she gushed. "It can be nerve-wracking to work with people whose talent you admire so much, but hopefully it can only make things better."

"She's excellent," Chalamet told ET. "She's a very strong actress."

The King hits select theaters on Oct. 11 and will be available to stream on Netflix starting Nov. 1.