Why Lily-Rose Depp Found Working With 'The King' Co-Star Timothee Chalamet 'Nerve-Wracking' (Exclusive)

lily-rose depp and timothee chalamet at the 76th Venice Film Festival
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

The pair stars as young royals in the film and Depp described Chalamet as 'incredible' and 'so, so great' at his job.

Lily-Rose Depp is confessing how she found it “nerve-wracking” working alongside Timothee Chalamet in their new film, The King.

The pair, who are a rumored real-life couple, stars as young royals in the film (which is loosely inspired by Shakespeare plays including Henry IV and Henry V) and Depp described Chalamet as “incredible” and “so, so great” at his job.

“It's always exciting to work with somebody who you know has given themselves so wholeheartedly to their role and is so invested,” she gushed to ET’s Lauren Zima at a press day ahead of the film hitting select theaters on Oct. 11, and Netflix on Nov. 1. “It can be nerve-wracking to work with people whose talent you admire so much, but hopefully it can only make things better.”

“It can be intimidating,” Depp, 20, reiterated while discussing how she and her co-stars, like Joel Edgerton, were big fans of Chalamet before working with him. “But I think you can take it like that, or like, 'How lucky am I to be working with so many people who are so great at what they do, and hopefully I can learn from them.'”

Chalamet, 23, stars as Hal, a prince who shuns royal life to live among ordinary people, but finds himself crowned King Henry V after his father dies. Depp portrays Catherine of Valois.

“It was really, really incredible,” she said of the role. “I loved the research process and just delving into who Catherine is as a person. It can be intimidating to play a real-life person, but I think it just adds to the desire I had to do her justice and do as best a job I could. Everybody who worked on this project, whether it was in front of or behind the camera, was so impressive, and I was just so excited to be a small part of it.”

Both Depp and Chalamet salute their French backgrounds in the film (Depp’s mother is French singer Vanessa Paradis and her father is Hollywood actor Johnny Depp), with Depp recalling one scene which involved speaking French.

“We are [fluent],” she shared. ‘He doesn't actually in the scene -- he doesn't want to speak to Catherine [and] he says to her, 'We're not speaking [French] anymore.' I think that's a really interesting part of the scene because it's him trying to take control of the situation and say, 'I'm not speaking your language anymore. You have to speak my language.'”

“And, she [says,] 'I can't speak English,'” Depp continued. “Obviously she could, as is displayed throughout the rest of the scene, but it's an interesting moment in the scene where he tries to take control, and she's like, 'No.'”

Depp added that she feels lucky to be able to act in both French and American movies.

For The King, she was the first person who auditioned for the role and immediately left an impression.

“I was knocked over by just how poised and still and powerful she was,” director David Michôd told ET. “That is not just a testament to her talent, but also to [how] she's been around the circus for a while.”

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