Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Perform History of TV Theme Songs: Watch!

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon

Now this is a story all about how…

Will Smith showed off his singing chops and his extensive knowledge of TV theme songs on Thursday night’s Tonight Show. The Bright star, 49, joined host Jimmy Fallon on stage to sing a medley of theme songs, going through the history of TV.

The duo sang and rapped the themes of Golden Girls, The Jeffersons, Dave’s World, Good Times, Full House, Three’s Company and even whistled along to The Andy Griffith Show.

Naturally the highlight was when Smith busted out into the rap from his hit ‘90s show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He jumped up and down as the crowd sang along to the popular theme.

Smith also opened up about his new YouTube channel, and how his family has reacted to being regularly filmed.

“Willow, she does so much cute stuff, and I just wanna shoot it,” he said of his teen daughter. “She’s 17 and she’s like, ‘Daddy, for real, stop!’ And it’s like, ‘Baby, you brush your hair so pretty though!’”

The seasoned star is loving his new presence on social media, talking about how it’s an outlet for his creativity.

“When you make a movie, it’s 18 months. You work and it’s 18 months until you see the movie,” he explained. “There were so many things that were dying on my creative vine. When I did the Fresh Prince it was every single day and the show came out once a week. So I’m going to be doing skits, I’m going to be short films, music, I’ve started recording again.”

For more from Smith, watch the clip below!


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