Zac Efron Flashes His 'Brad Pitt' Abs During Workout With Nina Dobrev

During the pair's intense gym visit, the leading man offered fans a glimpse of his muscular torso!

Zac Efron recently invited his famous friend, Nina Dobrev, to join him for a workout where fans got a look at the 31-year-old actor’s impressive abs!

In a new video released over the weekend, the Greatest Showman star invited the Vampire Diaries actress to his gym to compare notes on fitness and attempt a few types of training exercises. Among them were "side bends," which their trainer, Johnny Fontana, explained are a great way for individuals to develop their obliques, the lower ab muscles that Brad Pitt showcases in the 1999 film Fight Club.

Afterward, Dobrev joked that after a mere 15 reps, her workout buddy for the day now looks just like Pitt. That’s when Efron pulled up his T-shirt, offering a glimpse at his muscular stomach.

"That wasn’t there before," she joked, before adding, "You gotta work hard to…something else hard. You gotta work hard to play hard." This flub definitely got Efron laughing.

That was hardly the extent of their sweaty outing, which also involved trying their hand at sled pushing, some planking exercises and a cable jungle gym.

However, the true revelations occurred after the workout when Efron suggested Dobrev sit for three minutes in a cryo sauna, which helps with recovery and muscle repair. In order to help take her mind off the freezing temperature, he asked the 30-year-old star a number of questions, such as: "Waffles or pancakes?"

While being exposed to chilly negative temperatures, Dobrev not only revealed that she’s a pancake fan, she also shared that she loves Harry Potter, her heroes are Audrey Hepburn and her mother, and if she were ever a vegetable, she'd be a carrot! All the soul searching did indeed help her make it to three minutes, which, according to Efron, is pretty much the limit.

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