2017 Fall TV Preview: Love It, Date It or Leave It? Your Guide to 20 New Shows!

2017 Fall TV Preview
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To help you swipe through the quickly-canceled creeps to find the refreshing gems with long-term potential, ET has created your ultimate romance guide for the 2017 Fall TV season!

Every fall, television networks proudly debut their most eligible new shows with the hopes that smitten viewers will fall head over heels and invite them home. Unfortunately, not every small screen first date ends up with a full-season commitment and a weekly cuddle on the couch.  

To help you swipe through the quickly-canceled creeps to find the refreshing gems with long-term potential, ET has created your ultimate romance guide for the 2017 Fall TV Season. We're breaking down 20 shows by category and then telling you why you should "Love It!", "Date It" or "Leave It."

Love It! Listen, we get it. Imagining a multi-season marriage to a show after only seeing the pilot is a little unrealistic, but sometimes it's just love at first watch. This is the show you'll be daydreaming about. The one you'll casually, but consistently, mention in conversations with your coworkers. The show you'll proudly introduce to your parents and then beam when they gush all about how wonderful it is and how right you were.

Date It: OK, so you may not feel those head-over-heels, "OMG this is the best show ever!" sparks right away, but that doesn’t mean that this small screen relationship doesn’t have long-term potential. If you're not ready for a full-season commitment after the third date (Ahem, we mean episode), then part ways on good terms and give polite nods to each other from across the TV guide.

Leave It:  We're going to try and put this as gently as possible: change the channel and never look back.  If this show was a Tinder date, it would start the night off by criticizing your outfit, aggressively mispronounce half the wine list, then pretend it forgot its wallet and bail out the bathroom window.

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Marvel's The Gifted (Oct. 2 on Fox) – Love It!

Marvel's Runaways (Nov. 21 on Hulu) – Date It

Marvel's Inhumans (Sept. 29 on ABC) – Leave It

Oh, Marvel -- it's quite the sizzle to fizzle spectrum you've assembled this fall. Marvel's The Gifted on Fox is a family-friendly triumph that perfectly blends heart with heart-pounding action. On the other hand, Marvel's Inhumans, which has already flopped its theatrical IMAX release, will make you cringe from start to finish. Meanwhile, on Marvel's The Runaways, Hulu packs a super-powered amount of exposition into its two-hour premiere, and the introduction of 15+ characters is enough to make you want to runaway from your screen -- but stick with it! Runaways has the potential to be Hulu's teen drama answer to Riverdale but with less brooding and more badass powers.



Young Sheldon (Sept. 25 on CBS) – Love It!

The Mayor (Oct. 3 on ABC) – Date It

Me, Myself and I (Sept. 25 on CBS) – Leave It

Trust us when we tell you this: You don't have to even like The Big Bang Theory to absolutely love Young Sheldon. This Wonder Years-esque comedy is a refreshing change-up in CBS' traditional multi-camera comedy line-up, and young Sheldon himself, Big Little Lies' Iain Armitage, is a scene-stealing star on the rise. As for ABC's The Mayor, we weren't big fans of how quickly the show breezed through the pilot's election premise, but we are voting yes to catchy original music and seeing small scene queens Lea Michele and Yvette Nicole Brown together on the same show. CBS' new comedy Me, Myself and I highlights one man’s life over three distinct time periods, but unfortunately this decade-hopping series feels wildly mundane despite its original premise.

NBC / The CW / CBS


Will & Grace (Sept. 28 on NBC) – Love It!

S.W.A.T. (Nov. 2 on CBS) – Love It!

Dynasty (Oct. 11 on The CW) – Date It

The overwhelming trend of TV remakes and reboots continues to dominate our airwaves this fall, however, we're relieved to say that these three copycat series are all worth adding to your DVR queue! After watching Will & Grace's mini election reunion, we're thrilled to see that New York City's most sensational foursome still has the zany, super-charged chemistry that we loved for eight seasons on NBC. Also still fun to watch? Shemar Moore, who is effortlessly charming in his first post-Criminal Minds role for CBS' thrill ride remake of the 1970's cop drama S.W.A.T.. And lastly, The CW is bringing back the campy, catfight-filled '80s drama, Dynasty. Although the pilot came off looking pretty damn cheap (Umm where's all that money the Carringtons are supposed to have?), we think this series has the potential to fill the sexy, Gossip Girl-loving void in our hearts.

NBC / CBS / Valor


The Brave (Sept. 25 on NBC) – Date It

Seal Team (Sept. 27 on CBS) – Date It

Valor (Oct. 9 on The CW) – Leave It

Apparently, the TV powers-that-be felt that today's audience needed not one, not two, but three new armed forces-centric series on TV. If we're being honest (which we always are), none of these shows are compelling enough to make us want to enlist for an entire season's worth of episodes. However, we're more than willing to check out a few weeks' worth of Mike Vogel's guns on NBC's The Brave, and try and figure out what is it about CBS' Seal Team that brought Bones' David Boreanaz back to TV so quickly. As for The CW's Valor? While we commend the teen-centric network for branching out and focusing on heroes who don't wear capes, let's just say there's nothing super about this show.

Fox / Hulu / CBS All Access


Star Trek: Discovery (Sept. 24 on CBS All Access) – Love It!

Ghosted (Oct. 1 on Fox) – Date It

Future Man (Nov. 14 on Hulu) – Date It

The Orville (Thursdays on Fox) – Leave It

Forget love -- get ready to propose to Star Trek: Discovery! Star Sonequa Martin-Green is a tour de force in the visually stunning CBS All Access series, and the prequel premise is something that both Trekkies and fandom newbies alike will enjoy. Meanwhile, we didn't know we could love a show just as fiercely as we despise another. Seth MacFarlane executive produces and stars in The Orville, a blatant Star Trek rip-off on Fox that plays a frustrating game of "How many tired cliches can we pack into a single episode?" As for our two other sci-fi shows of the fall? Truthfully, we're not particularly thrilled with the first episode of Fox's Ghosted or Hulu's Future Man, but we're confident that both of these comedy series just need a few episodes to find their footing before they warp-speed into greatness.



The Good Doctor (Sept. 25 on ABC) – Date It

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (Oct. 3 on ABC) – Date It

Wisdom of the Crowd (Oct. 1 on CBS) – Leave it

Freddie Highmore's portrayal of a young surgeon with autism in ABC's The Good Doctor brought us to tears with its unexpectedly phenomenal first episode, so we're curious to see if this medical drama will become a weekly appointment on our DVRs. Despite the fact that we absolutely despise the unnecessarily long title of Kevin (Probably) Saves the World -- and the pilot's needlessly complicated premise to show a man on the path to redemption -- our adoration for Jason Ritter is enough to keep us coming back for a few more episodes. And on CBS' Wisdom of the CrowdJeremy Piven plays a visionary tech innovator who creates a crowdsourcing app to solve his daughter’s murder. While the series' plot is unique, it's not enough to outshine the hundreds of other crime-solving dramas that you'd be better off watching instead.



Ten Days in the Valley (Oct. 1 on ABC) – Love It!

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (Sept. 26 on NBC) – Date It

We've got good news... and great news! The good news: Both of these female-led shows are definitely worth your time. The great news: Due to the fact that they're both limited series, you don't need to wifey-up for a multi-year commitment. In ABC's Ten Days in the Valley, Kyra Sedgwick plays a sensational antihero, whose young daughter goes missing in the middle of the night. It's a gripping drama with unexpected twists that will leave you begging for more. In Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, Edie Falco takes on the real-life persona of Leslie Abramson, the attorney who defended Lyle and Erik Menendez during their infamous murder trial in '90s. Don't let Falco's outrageous wig fool you -- she delivers a captivating performance that will have you looking at this case in a whole new light.