'90 Day Fiancé': Andrei Gets Into Explosive Fight With Elizabeth's Siblings

Andrei's plans to work with his father-in-law, Chuck, in Chuck's property management business is already off to a terrible start.

Andrei's plans to work with his father-in-law, Chuck, in Chuck's property management business is already off to a terrible start. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Andrei got into a huge argument with two of Chuck's children, Charlie and Becky, who also work in the family business.

Earlier in the season, Andrei boldly asked for a $100,000 loan to start his own business after getting his real estate license, which Chuck refused. Chuck instead offered to bring him into the family business and said he would think about giving him a loan to branch out if it goes well. However, all of Chuck's children work in the business with him, and definitely don't not want to work with Andrei. The feeling is mutual, as Andrei refused to work with Charlie in particular after the two never resolved their bad blood after Charlie got drunk at Andrei's wedding in Moldova to Elizabeth and talked badly about him in front of all the guests during his wedding speech.

On Sunday's episode, Andrei and Chuck visited a house that they planned to flip. However, Andrei was taken aback when Charlie was already there and Charlie said that Andrei had to work under him. Things got even more chaotic when Becky surprisingly showed up to the house and accused Andrei of scheming behind her back and trying to take the sale from her.

"Why is he here and I'm not here?" she asked angrily. "Because I am his listing agent."

Andrei then said that this was a house that he and Chuck were working on together, just the two of them, which Charlie and Becky immediately shut down.

"This is exactly why I don't want to work with Elizabeth's family," Andrei told cameras. "They're sticking their noses where they don't belong."

Charlie noted, "In my opinion... it seems like he's scheming behind our backs. ... When his end-goal is to, like, take money out of our pocket."

A furious Becky told cameras, "It makes me so infuriated that I have been the only one that is giving him the benefit of a doubt. But everything that people felt about him all along is actually right. I should have felt that way, too, because he's trying to take money from me. F**k no, no, this is not happening."

Meanwhile, the fight only intensified when Andrei refused to do any handiwork on the house and said he would not work under Charlie.

"Andrei knows nothing about this business," Charlie said. "He's lazy, so, we want you to get your hands dirty. We want you to get in there and do work, and get experience, and he just has a lot of resistance to that. If you're working with me in my property, you're gonna do what I say or you're not gonna work with me."

Charlie, Andrei and Becky's argument quickly turned into a shouting match. Chuck tried to smooth things over and said that the sale of the house was way down the road and assured Charlie and Becky that he wasn't taking money away from them.

"This whole thing is just a big miscommunication," Chuck told cameras. "You know, I forgot to tell Becky that we're doing a walk-through today, but I never intended to give Andrei the listing. Now, I'm between a rock and a hard place because I really want to help Libby, but I've got my whole family to consider, not just Andrei. If he can't figure out a way to get along and work with everybody, then this arrangement is not gonna last long."

Meanwhile, Charlie and Becky were not convinced.

"But, Dad, I'm f**king telling you, if you give him this listing, there are going to be major problems," Becky said.

As for Charlie, he told cameras, "You know, I don't really know if my dad explained how this business works, like, you know, we were partners, like, we're 50/50 on properties. I'm the project manager. I've been doing this for three or four years now. You want to come in? You're gonna start from the bottom. You're gonna go out, do the handyman work, fix up the properties for cheap, and prove yourself. You can't just come in and, like ... 'I'm not gonna listen to you.' Like, dude, do you understand, like, what you're talking about? Like, I'm gonna tell you what to do, if you don't do it, then get the hell out of here."

For more on Andrei's bad blood with Elizabeth's siblings, watch the video below.