'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Andrei Refuses to Apologize for Cursing at Elizabeth

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Andrei and Elizabeth still didn't see eye to eye when it comes to the major issues in their marriage on part one of the tell-all special for season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? that aired on Sunday. The couple looked back at the tense time they spent in his home country of Moldova when they got married a second time, and Andrei didn't take responsibility for his harsh treatment toward Elizabeth.

Andrei and Elizabeth fought constantly in Moldova, especially when it came to her family. Elizabeth's brother, Charlie, in particular, wouldn't stop prying into Andrei's past and also memorably almost ruined their wedding by insulting Andrei during his speech. During the tell-all, Charlie and Andrei almost getting into a fist fight was replayed, which ended with Andrei cursing at Elizabeth and telling her that she needed to come home with him because she was his wife.

Elizabeth was clearly not over the tense moment, crying as they replayed the tape. Meanwhile, her father, Chuck, said he was upset that Andrei "dropped F-bombs" on his daughter and told Andrei that he needed to take responsibility for his behavior. But when host Shaun Robinson asked who was going to step up and apologize to Elizabeth, Andrei refused.

"I was just drunk, that's it," he said. "When I look at these tapes back, it's not fully, like, my fault, you know? I was provoked, like, big time."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth's sister, Jenn, said she didn't see an improvement when it comes to Andrei's behavior.

"I mean, I think he's very aggressive, for one," she said. "I think he is very cold, for two. I think he doesn't really care about anybody's feelings as far as, like, our family. I think he just has kind of like, a cold heart. And it's just, like, he doesn't like us and he doesn't even give us a chance or want to like us."

Elizabeth added, "Yeah, I agree with what she's saying. He can be aggressive and mean, and there is no excusing that."

But Andrei was upset that he was being blamed for all the drama in Moldova.

"I said I have to work on myself, but, I don't think it's, like, my fault for what happened over there," he said.

Later, Elizabeth's family was also put on the hot seat, particularly, for constantly insulting Andrei's home country. At one point, Chuck called their cuisine "peasant food." Still, Charlie said he was "absolutely not" regretful about the remarks that were replayed.

Jenn also stood up for them, commenting, "He's not demeaning the culture. He's not talking bad about his culture. He's just pointing out facts."

Still, the remarks didn't sit well with their fellow 90 Day Fiancé castmates, with Debbie shooting back, "To immediately start putting down Andrei's country was a little bit untasteful, you might say."

When Charlie responded, "He shouldn't be real about his opinion?," Tania jumped in, "Opinions don't have to be rude."

Charlie did, however, admit he was wrong to insult Andrei at his own wedding during his speech.

"I had way too much to drink and, you know, I was like, that was -- that was pretty out of line," he said. "Alcohol does bring it out of you, you know? Even after, like, all the stuff my dad has done for him, you know, he's still, like, you know, disrespectful."

Later, Elizabeth's family and Andrei got into it again when it came to Andrei being a stay-at-home dad. Andrei insisted that despite not bringing in any income, he was still "the man of the house." Jenn called out Andrei, noting that Chuck did not pay for her or Charlie's wedding, but payed for Elizabeth to get married twice -- once in Tampa, Florida, where they're from, and their second lavish wedding in Moldova.

"You told me that you were gonna have my dad wrapped around your finger is what you told me at your wedding," Jenn claimed, though Andrei said she was lying. "You said, 'Watch.' Libby, you weren't there. ... He said it at your wedding outside, standing at one of the high-top tables and he said that. Unless you were speaking Romanian or Russian, which you weren't, I understand it. You're getting squirmish and you're getting exposed and now you're getting mad and you're trying to project your sh** onto me."

Andrei eventually said he was willing to work and wanted to get into real estate. He noted that he wants to work with Chuck as a partner in their family business, but not under him.

"OK, but I can tell you this. You're not gonna take advantage of me, it ain't happening, dude," Chuck said, though Charlie and Jenn said that Andrei taking advantage of him was exactly what was going to happen. "I'm gonna be a little guarded at first, you know, until you prove yourself, I will tell you that."

Part two of the tell-all special airs Sunday, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, while part three airs on Monday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

ET spoke with Andrei and Elizabeth in July, when he defended his sometimes harsh treatment toward his wife. Fans were unhappy with Andrei after a particularly nasty argument with Elizabeth that TLC cameras had to edit due to his language.

"I curse sometimes and I'm not going to hide it," he said with a laugh. "I maybe curse a lot. [There was] a little bit of friction and after that we exploded."

"Sometimes she does it to me, but it's not shown," he added. "They put me in, you know, a bad light, but this actually happens, she does it too because she's very strong. She's very stubborn."

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