'90 Day Fiancé': Brittany Says Yazan's Family 'Is a Bunch of Talk' After His Dad's Death Threats (Exclusive)

Brittany addresses Yazan's serious sacrifices for her this season.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2 star Brittany got uncharacteristically emotional on Sunday's episode, breaking down in tears after learning the true extent of the serious problems her fiancé, Yazan, was facing after deciding to stay in a relationship with her.

Earlier this season, Yazan's father said he would be his own son's "murderer" after he discovered racy social media pictures Brittany previously posted, which he said caused their family to be the talk of salacious rumors. Still, Yazan refused to stop seeing Brittany, resulting in his dad also kicking him out of the house and firing him. On Sunday's episode, Brittany met up with Yazan's younger brother, Obaida, who told her about all of the family problems Yazan was facing, which Yazan hadn't told her about. Obaida said he was concerned for Yazan, and that his family was not accepting of the relationship at all, given that they felt he was marrying a foreigner and would change his value and abandon his culture. He said that there were family members that genuinely "hate" him now and would "kill" him because he was affecting not just himself, but the entire family.

At this point, Brittany burst into tears and Obaida comforted her. She said she did not want to come between Yazan and his family, but Obaida told her that no matter what, he would stand by his brother. He also said that he knew Yazan loved her very much.

"In the end, I know Yazan is not going to make the wrong choice," he said, also stressing that he wanted to make sure Brittany knew that Yazan had already lost a lot of things that he valued because of their relationship.

He also noted that since Yazan was losing his family, Brittany would now need to be "everything to him" -- a brother, a sister, a mother and a father -- and Brittany promised to take care of him.

ET's Melicia Johnson spoke to Brittany ahead of the episode, and she addressed the death threats Yazan received over her. Brittany said it was a surprise given that Yazan did not inform her at all about the circumstances.

"My reaction was confusion, because I think in the episode that you guys recently seen, the way things were translated to me and what Yazan and I said that we would discuss with his parents was something totally different than what he actually discussed with his parents, so I didn't realize he told them that my dad was coming back in one month," she said. "He didn't tell me that he said that, so he told me that we would have a lot of time to just figure out what we were going to do and things like that -- to find out that his dad threatened to kill him, it was like, a surprise and a curve ball to me, because he had never indicated that he was in danger or that we were now on a timeline again."

"I didn't really know at the time," she added when asked if she took the threats seriously. "I definitely wanted to believe -- everybody wants to believe in their man -- so I definitely in that sense, definitely cared for him and wanted to be there for him. But I also know, if I know his family how I know his family, it's just like, a bunch of talk, but you know, I don't know. I was worried for him and then I wasn't, because I never really knew what was like, true or not."

Brittany insisted that she never asked Yazan to make these type of massive sacrifices for her.

"During that time, as I was dating Yazan -- and I've been telling Yazan since I met him -- if dating me is going to be a problem, I suggest you leave me and stop pursuing me," she said. "I've never, ever, at any point, forced or made him make the decisions he was making. I always told him, 'If this is too crazy, you need to not do this,' and he would do it anyway without consulting me and then come back and tell me what he had done. I was in this position where this person kept messing their life up on behalf of me, without even considering me or what I thought about that, and I kind of felt responsible for him, even though I wasn't really responsible in the sense."

Back in June, Brittany told ET that she "loves" Yazan's parents. However, after watching this season, her feelings have changed.

"After watching the season back, some of the clips and watching a few of the episodes, I definitely feel like things were translated to me wrong and if I would have known what was really going on, I probably wouldn't have held that same respect," she said. "My family definitely has no respect for them."

She also admitted to ET that she felt pressure to stay with Yazan due to the sacrifices he made to stay in a relationship with her.

"I just felt stuck kind of," she said. "I felt very stuck and I felt like, very, the world was kind of crashing down around me because I never want to be in the position where somebody's life is in danger because of the love that they have for me, and I never want to be in a position where someone is losing everything that they love because of me. I'll definitely let that person go before it even gets to that point. I want people to be better because of me. I don't want them to get worse. So, it was a really, really hard situation."

"It's very heavy, especially when you find out after someone has made all those sacrifices and then told you these are the sacrifices they made, you know, it's heavy," she continued. "You know, because you feel like, now you're into something that you had no part of getting yourself into, really, because you kept telling this person not to do this, not to do that, and they decided to do it anyway and then told you they did it for you. It's kind of hard to accept all of that, you know? It's kind of hard to process all of that."

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