'90 Day Fiancé': Jenny Has a Breakdown Over Her and Sumit's Age Difference

The reality of Jenny and Sumit's 29-year age difference may be too difficult to overcome.

Jenny and Sumit continued to face emotional roadblocks when it comes to getting married on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

Jenny has been pushing Sumit to get married now that he is legally divorced from his first wife, given that she cannot legally stay in India to be with him unless they tie the knot since her visa is set to expire. However, Sumit's parents have already told him they will never accept a marriage between the two given their significant age difference -- Jenny is 61 and Sumit is 32. On Sunday's episode, Jenny was ready to push ahead to legally declare their intention to marry, but Sumit was hesitant, telling her that they needed to talk to a lawyer first and find out more about the rules.

"OK, so do you want to declare our intention to marry today or not?" Jenny told him, obviously frustrated. "But you're saying, 'Oh, let me ask the lawyer first.' What are you gonna ask the damn lawyer for? 'Cause my visa's gonna run out. I can't keep flying out of the country. ... Your reaction wasn't what I expected."

Sumit admitted to cameras that he felt "pressure" to marry Jenny.

"But, she can't avoid her visa is going to expire," he told cameras. "So, a lot of things are coming at the same point in time. It's not easy to handle."

The two ended up visiting a marriage lawyer, and he said that Jenny and Sumit could get married without any issues and legally wouldn't need Sumit's parents' approval after his father had previously said that he would legally object to his son marrying Jenny. Still, Sumit said he wanted to talk to his parents before marrying Jenny because he didn't want to lose them, which Jenny objected to.

"Sumit's parents will never give him their blessings to get married to me," she noted. "It's not gonna happen, and I don't understand why Sumit's trying to stall the marriage."

Sumit did agree to do a ring ceremony with Jenny, which would signify their engagement, inviting just a few friends.

"The plan is definitely not to invite Sumit's parents to the ring ceremony, and Sumit is just OK with it because the marriage thing is a lot bigger deal than the engagement is," she explained. "I came back to India this time 'cause Sumit's promise to me was that we are gonna get married. So, we better not be stalling. I mean, this is my future. This is my life at stake here. He better not let me down."

Later, Sumit's brother, Amit, and his wife, Sharee, visited the couple, and Amit was shocked when Jenny told them they're having a ring ceremony and getting engaged. Amit said Sumit wasn't mentally prepared and that he needed to tell their parents. Sumit then asked him for help in convincing his parents to accept him and Jenny's marriage, but Amit said they would never come around because of the age difference, and that Sumit needed to be ready to face the consequences -- namely, no longer having a relationship with their parents.

At this point, Jenny broke down in tears.

"I'm sorry I'm this age," she said, sobbing. "I really am sorry, but he loves me. We love each other. And I'm sorry if people can't accept it, but it's just a fact. It's just a fact. We love each other. I'm happy as long as I'm with him, and this is my life now and this is what I've chosen for myself. So please, can everybody just accept it? Just stop giving me such hell. I can't help how old I am. I can't help it, but damn it, I love him. I love him. And I don't want to leave him again. And I wish your parents could just stop being so damn set in her ways. Please, I just wish people would accept us. We love each other, and he's happy."

In a preview of next week's episode, Sumit and Jenny meet with his parents and he tells them they're getting married, to which his mother responds, "Over our dead bodies."

ET spoke with Jenny last month, and she acknowledged that she understood where Sumit's mom, Sahna, was coming from when it came to her concerns about her son's relationship with her, specifically, their 29-year age difference. During a 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way episode that aired in August, Sahna told cameras, "She has been in an inappropriate relationship with him. She should have treated him like her son."

Jenny responded, "I understand that's how she feels, of course, she's his mother. And I understand that she doesn't like the relationship. I understand that, but, the fact is that we do love each other and we'd been in a relationship for over a year and a half before she ever met me, so we were already well into our relationship before she met me, and it was kind of too late for her to try to [break us up]."

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