'90 Day Fiance': Juliana Breaks Down in Tears After Prenup Mediation With Michael

90 Day Fiance

Juliana came to an emotional realization on Sunday's new episode of '90 Day Fiance.'

Juliana came to an emotional realization on Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiance.

The 23-year-old Brazilian model was still trying to understand what a prenup is after Sarah -- the ex-wife of her fiance, Michael, a 42-year-old wealthy wine entrepreneur from Greenwich, Connecticut -- awkwardly brought it up out of the blue on last week's episode. Sarah said she had to ask because she has two young kids with Michael, son Max and daughter Cece. Juliana tells Michael she is upset that Sarah was the one to bring it up and not him, and also is uncomfortable when he says that he never had a prenup with Sarah, mainly because they were just out of college when they got together and both had no money. Michael says he learned from their costly divorce, which is why he wants to do things differently this time.

But when Michael decided to take Juliana to visit a mediator to talk about a prenup, the meeting was tense to say the least.

During the meeting, the lawyer got real about their disparity in finances, especially when Michael made it clear he wanted to keep all of his assets in his name and have separate bank accounts. Juliana also had to admit that she stopped working a couple of months ago and had no money of her own, which was clearly not easy for her to say. When the lawyer asked her what she would like in the prenup, and she said nothing, the lawyer bluntly told her she had to start thinking about just how much money it takes to live even one month in America.

She also called out Michael and told him that he couldn't just "write Juliana off everything." When Michael said that just because he didn't want to share bank accounts and assets, it didn't mean he wasn't going to take care of her or buy her things, the lawyer noted that that this was considered "gifts" which is entirely different from sharing.

Juliana later told TLC cameras that she appreciated the lawyer and felt she was on her side as a fellow woman, and that she was surprisingly able to put Michael in his place. Still, she felt devastated and broke down in tears when she realized how vulnerable in a position she was in. She revealed that Michael had actually broken up with her once before for three months last year, and that he "disappeared" when she needed him even though he said he would support her. She said that she now wanted her independence because she couldn't rely or trust Michael in case he ever breaks up with her again.

Juliana also told cameras that if she and Michael were ever to break up, she wouldn't ask for anything and she wants to try her hardest to make the marriage work given that she gave up her family in Brazil and other jobs to move to Connecticut to be with him.

For his part, Michael said she was "unfortunately" taking all the prenup talk wrong. Still, Juliana insisted by the end of the episode that she wanted to have her independence and that if he was in her shoes, he would feel the same way.

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