'90 Day Fiance': Juliana Reveals She Was Already Married Once Before Michael

90 Day Fiance

The surprises keep coming on this season of '90 Day Fiance.'

The surprises keep coming on this season of 90 Day Fiance.

On Sunday's new episode of the hit TLC reality show, 23-year-old Juliana from Brazil and 42-year-old Michael from Connecticut are planning their wedding, and when their wedding planners ask if it's a first marriage for both, it's revealed that Juliana has actually already been married before. While Michael's still close relationship with his ex-wife, Sarah, has been shown extensively this season, Juliana's previous marriage was a shock to viewers.

While Michael describes Juliana's first marriage as an "arranged marriage," Juliana reveals the circumstances behind her previous relationship to TLC cameras. Juliana says she was 19 when she was pressured to marry her ex-husband and told that if she didn't, God wouldn't "bless" her family. She says that her friends and family did not attend her wedding, and she only celebrated with a lunch that her husband complained about because of the cost. She says the marriage was "bad," and she eventually filed for divorce.

Meanwhile, she sadly says she doesn't want to invite her family from Brazil to her wedding to Michael since she feels they will pressure her for money, especially when they see the extravagance of the wedding. Michael also says that while he wants to help out Juliana's family, he doesn't want Juliana to feel bad about having nice things at the wedding in front of her family.

Marriage drama continues later in the episode when Michael's ex-wife comes to pick up their son, Max, and she point blank asks about the two getting a prenup since she wants to make sure Max and their younger daughter, CeCe, are taken care of financially no matter what. Juliana says she doesn't know what a prenup is, and the topic is clearly uncomfortable.

Juliana has already expressed unease over Michael and Sarah's relationship this season and in another awkward moment, Sarah asks if Michael and Juliana want her to get ordained so that she could officiate their marriage because they're having trouble finding someone to do it at the last minute. While Michael is grateful for her offer, Juliana says it would be "weird" and also that she doesn't want Sarah in the photos.

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