'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Daniele Is Shocked by Yohan's Abortion Revelation

This could be the end for Yohan and Daniele.

Daniele and Yohan continued to experience major marriage issues on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Daniele, who has been trying to have a baby with Yohan, was shocked when he revealed that he got a woman pregnant before, who then got an abortion.

Daniele is planning to move to the Dominican Republic from New York to be with Yohan after meeting him during a vacation, though Yohan actually wants to move to the United States with Daniele to make a better life for himself and his family but she has since shut that idea down. On Sunday's episode, Daniele and Yohan meet up with her friend, Sophy, who asked the couple blunt questions given that she had suspicions about Yohan's intentions.

Sophy asked Yohan if his parents were asking for grandchildren and Yohan said they were. She then noted that while he's 32, Daniele is 42, so getting pregnant was more complicated for her. Indeed, Yohan and Daniele have been trying to get pregnant for a year but haven't been successful. They visited a fertility specialist, who said the chances of her getting pregnant naturally was five percent, though Yohan didn't believe the odds were that low. When asked what would happen if they couldn't have a child, Yohan responded, "I wouldn't feel good about it, but my gut tells me yes, it's possible." Daniele got emotional, noting the devastation she felt every time she got false hope that she was pregnant.

Sophy then asked Yohan if he has any other children, and he said that he was sure he didn't. But he did reveal that he's gotten women pregnant before and that one got an abortion.

"It happened before, but, some have gotten pregnant and it didn't happen," he said. "Some got rid of it, on purpose."

Daniele was shocked and said that Yohan told her that his partners have lost children, but never that one got an abortion. She was upset that Yohan lied to her.

"I'm not upset about the abortion, I'm upset that Yohan hasn't been honest with me, and my full faith in this relationship is about my faith in him and his honesty and if I lose that then, what do we have?" she noted.

The next day, Daniele confronted Yohan about why he didn't tell her about the abortion. He didn't even recall not telling her and didn't think it was a big deal.

"I have been with a lot of women and one of them got pregnant," he told cameras. "But the past doesn't have to be in your present relationship, so, whether she got an abortion or not, she has nothing to do with it."

Although Yohan insisted to Daniele that he did in fact tell her "everything," she didn't agree.

"I can't trust you when you don't tell the truth," she told him. "My problem is not with your past, my problem is you're a liar."

Daniele shed tears as she explained that her exes have lied to her in the past, including one who had a whole separate family she didn't know about.

"For me, once the trust is broken, it's broken forever," she said, noting she had zero tolerance for dishonesty.

Later, Daniele cried again as they continued to argue about whether he told her the truth or not. Yohan continued to tell her that to him there was no difference between telling her the woman lost the baby versus the woman got an abortion.

"It feels like I'm dealing with a child," she told cameras, expressing that she was upset he wasn't taking ownership about being dishonest. "When he gets to a place where he's defensive, it's like the conversation goes nowhere."

For his part, Yohan had also had enough. "If you don't trust me, that's your problem," he told her.

Daniele responded to cameras, "I feel like if my husband sees me crying and like he is a brick wall and clearly doesn't feel any sympathy for me, it makes me really nervous that this is the kind of support I'm gonna receive from my husband long-term."

But Yohan was unmoved, and asked her bluntly what she wanted to do with the relationship. He said if she felt like he was a liar and toxic, then she should end it. Daniele said she didn't know what to say so she went back to her hotel by herself. She told cameras she didn't know if he was now going to "disappear" and end the marriage.

"I really wanted a child and I really wanted it with him because of who I believed he was," she said, shedding tears. "And if that's not actually who he is, then what am I fighting for?"