'90 Day Fiance': Robert's Sister Bluntly Tells Anny That He Is 'Poor'


Anny gained a new sister on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiance, when she immediately bonded with her fiance, Robert's, younger sister, Robin.

There's been some definite tension this season between 30-year-old Anny, who hails from the Dominican Republic, and 41-year-old Robert, who is a rideshare driver in Winter Park, Florida, as the two haven't been seeing eye to eye on a few big issues -- one of them being money. In previous episodes, Anny has been horrified when Robert took her to a used clothing store when she was expecting "Chanel and Versace," and was upset that they couldn't move to a bigger apartment. When Robin comes to visit, Anny immediately starts listing her grievances against Robert, which is when Robin hits her with a bomb.

"Anny, you do know that Robert is poor, right?" she says.

When Robert retorts that he isn't poor -- and that his definition of poor is living in the streets -- Robin says, "Well, you're not rich, either."

Anny also tells Robin about her and Robert's sex life, including that she wants sex three times a day, while Robert explains to cameras that he only wants to have sex from Friday to Sunday. Still, unlike Robert's other friends, Anny has taken a liking to Robin and later invites her to go wedding dress shopping.

Anny shows a rare emotional side of herself at the wedding dress shop, explaining that she wishes her late mother could see her in her wedding dress. Anny breaks down in tears when she finds the perfect wedding dress for herself -- which Robin made sure was also within budget -- and says that she has gained a sister in Robin.

For more on Anny and Robert's ups and downs this season, watch the video below:


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