'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Michael Reveals the Shocking Extent of His Affair as Angela Breaks Down

During part two of this season's tell-all special, Michael revealed the woman he cheated on Angela with is also American.

Michael's affair with another woman is a lot more serious than he at first made it seem. On part two of this season's 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? tell-all special that aired on Sunday on TLC, Angela returned to filming after losing her temper on Usman and walking out, and Michael revealed the shocking extent of his relationship with another woman.

During the season finale of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela tearfully revealed that she caught Michael cheating on her with a woman he met on Instagram. Angela said that when she confronted Michael, he said he was just lonely and that the other woman was "just a plaything." But on the tell-all special, it quickly became clear that Michael had strong feelings for this other woman and there was also plenty of evidence that he's been using Angela just to get a visa to come to America. Angela broke down in tears and said that Michael had told the other woman that he loved her. Michael admitted that he was wrong but insisted that he loved his wife and that nothing could come between them. But their fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast members were shocked when Michael revealed that the other woman was also American.

Andrei commented, "I was thinking from the beginning he was looking for that visa."

Angela said the other woman messaged her friend with screenshots which is how she found out Michael was cheating on her. She said that the cheating began just one hour after he re-activated his Instagram account. Despite the cheating, Angela said she was still with Michael but now couldn't believe anything he told her. She said Michael even told the other woman, "Let me come to the States, and I'll come to you. I'll handle Angie."

At this point, the cast was in disbelief at Michael's actions and Michael admitted everything, though he once again downplayed it.

"I wrote that down but I never meant it," Michael insisted. "I only wrote that down just to flirt with them but I never meant it. I would never leave my wife for anything. I know what we've been through together. ... I would never jeopardize that for anybody."

"All I can say now is that I'm sorry," he continued when host Shaun Robinson asked him how he could continue to message the other woman even while Angela was in Nigeria with him. "I feel so, so, so bad."

Angela then went on to claim that Michael has been sending money to another place, though Michael denied he was sending money to the other woman because he was preparing to leave. When Shaun asked the other cast members if they thought Angela's past bad behavior toward Michael justified him looking for love elsewhere, they said it didn't, though Yara said Angela was a "bully" to Michael. Bilal said he thought Michael was also in love with the woman he was cheating with, which is when Angela said Michael even invited the woman to Nigeria for Valentine's Day. Michael eventually admitted this was true. 

Despite the brazen cheating, Angela said she was still in a relationship with Michael because she had already invested so much. Michael's visa to come to America could be approved at any second, though she wondered if he would continue to cheat on her once he came over from Nigeria and admitted she could never trust him fully again.

"He affected my whole family, and it's not fair for him to take it so easy," she said, breaking down in tears. "You're not sorry, Michael. You're sorry you got caught."

Angela again walked off the set when she could no longer stop crying. Michael said he realized his mistake and had been begging her to forgive him, but the rest of the cast was unmoved.

Andrei noted, "I think you kind of disappointed us all."

Yara said, "I was never expecting this from him."

For more on this season's tell-all, watch the video below.