Abby Lee Miller Remains 'Very Positive' During Cancer Treatments: 'She Has a Good Prognosis’ (Exclusive)


Abby Lee Miller is keeping her spirits up during her challenging fight against cancer.

"She’s been very positive through the experience," a source exclusively tells ET. "Considering what she is going through, she is doing really well. She’s ready to get back at it in her life."

The 51-year-old reality star was preliminarily diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma in April after receiving emergency surgery on her back, and has had to undergo several spinal surgeries and chemotherapy treatments during her numerous recent health struggles.

However, Miller has been very outspoken about her medical battles, and appears to be working hard toward her recovery.

"She has a good prognosis. Her future is very promising," says the source, adding that Miller is remaining very optimistic about her future.

"This is a bump in the road. She'll come back stronger than ever after this," the source adds. "She is going to be amazing. She’ll always dance and teach dance, that’s just who she is."

Additionally, the source says that Miller "has a lot of plans" that she's excited about getting to work on, once she completes all her treatments.

Miller has also been able to spend time with those closest to her as she gets better, and has been surrounded by love and support.

"She’s had a lot of visitors [at the hospital and in rehab] and she really enjoys the company,” the source says. "She has a lot of wonderful friends visiting her. She’s in touch with them all the time."

A second source tells ET that Miller remains "the same Abby we've known for years," amid her numerous surgeries, treatments and health challenges, and that she's keeping "focused and ready for the future."

"Her mind is looking forward and working a million miles a minute on her next projects," the source adds.

One project she's got lined up is her return to Dance Moms for the Lifetime series' upcoming eighth season, and Miller is reportedly already leading casting development. 

“She’s not filming yet, but there is definitely some pre-production underway," the source says. "As far as seeing her back on screen, not quite yet, but it’s not far away."

The source adds, "We’re just counting down the days until she’s back on her feet!"

Miller recently revealed that she was "on the mend" after undergoing another spinal surgery last month and following several treatments for Burkitt Lymphoma, which is a non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a form of cancer that affects the lymphatic system and starts in antibody-producing B cells, which are part of the immune system. 

For more on Miller's difficult but optimistic medical journey, watch the video below.


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