'AGT' Stars Us the Duo Dropping New Album 'Within a Month' as Expectant Couple Prep for Tour (Exclusive)


America's Got Talent standouts Us the Duo are busy planning for both a new baby... and a new album!  

Married singing duo Michael and Carissa Alvarado reveal exclusively to ET that their next album, Together, will drop "within a month" before they hit the road for their Together Tour later this summer. Until then, the couple is also preparing for life as first-time parents. 

Ahead of their impressive AGT audition, Michael and Carissa told judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel that their ultimate dream is to start a family. That wish came true when the couple announced they were expecting their first child, a girl, in April. 

"I'm just excited to be a dad," Michael tells ET. "I don't know what I'm doing at all, but since the day we met, [Carissa's] said, 'I just want to have a child with you.' And I said, 'Let's just give it some time. Let's work on Us the Duo for a little bit.' But to see how happy she gets, to know she's pregnant, I know makes her happy. I'm just excited."

"It's just such a cool opportunity," Carissa adds. "We get to teach a child how to be, how to act, how to love. We just want to do our best at teaching them how to love everyone and be kind." 

While the two did not know they were pregnant at the time of their audition, the singers eventually won over the AGT judges with their performance of original song 'No Matter Where You Are,' which they sang as an extension of their wedding vows in 2014.

"Every time we sing it, it reminds me of why she is so special to me," Michael explains. "As cheesy as it sounds, it's just a reminder to me that she's my wife and I'm with her for the rest of my life and it makes me happy."

As the couple prepares for both the next round on AGT and to welcome their baby girl in October, their North American summer tour kicks off in Portland, Oregon, on July 19. That's where they are most excited to perform the single 'Together,' which they shared is a special nod to their unborn daughter. 

"We sang it after our gender reveal and it was really special and emotional and Michael started crying," Carissa reveals.

"It's kind of about our future child, so we get to sing that and while she has this big bump on stage, I feel like there's going to be a lot of emotions happening," Michael adds. 

Thankfully, these lovebirds have each other to lean on as they balance their hectic career and growing family.

"We are very blessed to be able to do this together because when I have those moments of anxiety I'm like, 'Whoa, I'm not alone,'" Carissa says. "I think we've learned over the years of being a duo, working together while also being in a relationship, it's a very fine balance and making sure we make time for each other and putting that first always, and then comes the music and our job."

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays on NBC at 8/7c. 


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