Al Roker Shares Health Update as He Steps Out Looking Dapper at First Post-Knee Surgery Event

The 'Today' weatherman went under the knife last month.

Al Roker is out and about after undergoing a total knee replacement last month. The beloved 68-year-old Today weatherman looked dapper as he attended the 2023 Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic with wife Deborah Roberts on Saturday.

Roker was all smiles as he wore a light blue seersucker suit with a purple tie and coordinating fedora hat to the event at at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. Roberts also looked chic and festive in a white and red floral printed dress with an oversized orange hat. 

"I feel good," Roker told People at the event. "This is kind of the first thing that I'm going out to, other than work."

He joked that it felt "nice to be wearing nice clothes" and remarked, "Here we are. You can't help but feel better."

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Last week, Roker received a warm welcome from his Today co-hosts, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, as he took his post back inside Rockefeller Center three weeks after his total knee replacement surgery.

"Look who's here. Mr. Roker, we are so happy to have you back," Guthrie said as Kotb followed with applause and cheer.

Guthrie then went on to ask Roker about his new knee.

Proudly showing off his newfound mobility, Roker lifted his leg and gave it a little spin as he said, "I got a brand new wheel ... it's all good ... all good." 

In the third hour of the show, Roker gave a little more info on his surgery and gave another promising update.

"I feel good," he told his co-hosts. "This was a more involved operation because they were taking out a knee and then putting a knee back in. But that said, it's coming along well." 

When asked by colleague Craig Melvin what he did with his old knee, Roker quipped, "I'm putting it on eBay."

Roker previously had knee replacement surgery in April 2022. He clarified last month that his most recent surgery was "a replacement of a replacement." 

It's been a tough road for Roker in terms of his recent health. The famed anchor, who has long been known for his commitment to walking and exercise, has had to adjust his wellness routine following long stints in the hospital late last year due to blood clots in his leg that ultimately veered to his lungs. After more than two months away from the morning show, Roker made his triumphant return to the program on Jan. 6, when he and Roberts -- his wife of nearly 30 years -- sat down and revealed he was "very, very, very sick" and that his mere presence in the studio was major because he proved to be "a living, breathing miracle."

"What I will say is, one of the things I learned over the last several months is the power of positive thinking and the power of prayer," Roker recently told ET, reflecting on the changes he's made to his life since his hospitalization. "The number of prayers that came my way and my family's way, for Deborah and my kids, I know made a tremendous difference. And once you have a bit of a health scare, you really realize you can't take it for granted. So, I try and eat a little better [and] exercise a little more."