Alan Bersten Admits Going to a Rage Room With Hannah Brown for 'DWTS' Was 'Scary' (Exclusive)

The pro dancer is recapping his 'DWTS' journey exclusively with ET each week!

Throughout the season, pro dancer Alan Bersten will be guest blogging about his experience on Dancing With the Stars with his celeb partner, Hannah Brown, for ET. This week, he discusses everything from their trip to a rage room to what fans can expect from the show's upcoming Disney Night.

Hi, dance fans, Alan here. I was so happy with Hannah's performance on Monday night's Dancing With the Stars. We performed the Paso Doble, and she worked really hard on the intensity and getting into character, and it really paid off! 

Even though I implemented "no smiling" this week, I didn't even mind the smile at the beginning. She kept the character throughout the whole dance. It's hard not to smile when you dance with me!

Alan Bersten

We have a lot of fun in rehearsals, but most of the time I'm extremely focused on the dance. So, Hannah tries to make me laugh. As you saw in our pre-taped package Monday night, Hannah's alter ego, Disco Dana, came out this week. Honestly, I have no idea how this alter ego came out. We were just grooving to some disco music and Disco Dana was born. (I probably have an alter ego, too, I just don’t remember what it is.)

As for our trip to Los Angeles' Rage Underground, honestly, it was a little scary in the rage room. Hannah had fun (LOL) -- but it gave me a little anxiety. I felt like I wanted to clean up the mess. I didn't do much breaking... I let Hannah have the fun in this one. She earned it!

Alan Bersten

Now, going into week five of the competition, Hannah and I are feeling great! Our bodies are definitely feeling the wear and tear, but it’s so much fun performing every week. We're so lucky! 

We are definitely doing our best to take the notes from the judges and work on the corrections moving forward. I do think the judges are paying more attention to technicality this season, but I personally like it. It keeps us in check. If you get a Cha Cha, you should stick to Cha Cha and not add jazz to it.

Alan Bersten

If you watched this week's show, for example, Carrie Ann Inaba docked a point off for Karamo Brown and Jenna Johnson's starting position. I think, as a pro, we make a choice whether we want to add a trick for that special 'wow' moment. I didn't personally think it would have been counted as a lift, because Jenna started up. That being said, Carrie Ann has always had this rule and it's something we are aware of. 

Next week is Disney Night and we have the Foxtrot! What I can tease is... I really wanted to be a Disney princess, but I guess I'll let Hannah be the princess.

There are so many great movies Disney movies, I don't know if I have a favorite. I love Olaf from Frozen, but I also feel like I might be Prince Charming. At least my mom thinks I am!

Alan Bersten

Alan will be documenting his ballroom journey with Hannah all season long for ET. Got a question you want him to answer? Send them to ET's Desiree Murphy on Twitter or Instagram (@desireemurphy_) or in our Beyond the Ballroom Facebook group!