Alan Bersten Is Guest Blogging His 'Dancing With the Stars' Journey With Hannah Brown for ET (Exclusive)

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown at DWTS
Alan Bersten/DWTS

Throughout the season, pro dancer Alan Bersten will be guest blogging about his experience on Dancing With the Stars with his celeb partner, Hannah Brown, for ET. This week, he discusses everything from what went into their rehearsals for Movie Night, to how he's feeling about the scores they received from the judges. He also reveals how he plans to help the former Bachelorette improve even more next week.

Hi, dance fans, Alan here!

Last night Hannah and I danced the Rumba to "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips, from the movie Bridesmaids. I think Hannah absolutely crushed it! The Rumba is a hard dance and it proved to be hard for Hannah, but this competition is all about learning, so we are going to take what the judges said and grow on that. 

Both Hannah and I are very hard on ourselves because we care so much! But at the end of the day, I am so proud of her because she never gives up, and always gives 110%. 

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown getting makeup ready at DWTS
Alan Bersten

Moments before stepping foot into the ballroom, the nerves were definitely there. I'm not going to lie, I get nervous every time I step on that stage. So I'm telling Hannah to breathe and get in the moment, but secretly I'm telling myself the same thing!

We both get super overly excited, which is good, but only if we can control it. I think we have found a good way to control our excitement (I can't share our secret though).

Alan Bersten BTS at DWTS
Alan Bersten

When all of the attention is on us, awaiting our critiques from the judges, I always tell Hannah that the scores don't matter and I'm just happy if we feel good about the dance. At the end of the day, it is a competition, and we need to impress the judges, so we take everything they say and work on it each week. We were very happy with the scores we received last night (sevens across the board for a total of 21/30).

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown at DWTS
Alan Bersten

I have to say, eliminations are the scariest, however. When that red light turns on and the music becomes dramatic, my heart rate definitely picks up! It is such an amazing feeling to be safe, and we have to thank the awesome fans for voting for us. Also, I have to give a shout-out to Bachelor Nation for all their amazing support this season so far!

When the show starts, we always focus on the show and the competition, but it was so cool to be able to talk to Demi Lovato after the show! She was in the audience last night and is such a sweetheart and so supportive of Hannah

Alan Bersten & Hannah Brown at DWTS
Alan Bersten

As we move into rehearsals for week four, Hannah and I are going to focus on all of the critiques that the judges gave us. We are also going to focus on getting Hannah more confident. I want her to grow every week, and so far she has been! With Christie Brinkley and Ray Lewis both being out due to injury, we're also trying to avoid that. Hannah is really good about stretching and warming up, but obviously dancing is a huge strain on the body, so it's important to take care of it! (*knocks on wood*)

While I can't give too much away about what we're doing, I can say that we are going to UNLEASH HANNAH BEAST! We will be dancing the Paso.

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown rehearsing for DWTS
Alan Bersten

As for how we spend time outside of rehearsals, we eat a lot. After a long day of rehearsals, we just like to go and eat!!!

Hannah and I are having so much fun this season, and we are so grateful to be back for another week! Thank you so much to all of our fans out there that are supporting us and we can't wait to dance for you guys again next Monday! Also, don't forget DWTS is going on tour this winter. You can get tickets for the Dancing With the Stars Live 2020 Tour at I love tour because that is when I get to meet all the fans who are supporting and voting for us each week on the show!

Alan will be documenting his ballroom journey with Hannah all season long for ET. Got a question you want him to answer? Send them to ET's Desiree Murphy on Twitter or Instagram (@desireemurphy_) or in our Beyond the Ballroom Facebook group!


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