Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Why She Embraces Her Twitter Trolls


The freshman congresswoman got candid on the series premiere of Showtime's 'Desus & Mero.'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Twitter critics only fuel her fire. 

The congresswoman, or "Notorious AOC," as Desus Nice and The Kid Mero call her, appeared on the premiere of the pair's new Showtime series, Desus & Mero, on Thursday. Ocasio-Cortez, who represents the Bronx, candidly opened up about making a big impact on the political scene, and why she chooses to embrace Twitter trolls. 

"It is heavy. But in a weird way, that stuff is validation that you’re doing something real," she said. 

"Because if you’re just flying under the radar, just trying to get your check, not rock the boat, then what’s the point of being in politics?" she asked. "What is the point of doing things if you’re just trying to maintain the status quo that doesn’t help people?"

Ocasio-Cortez -- who said she'd probably be teaching high school if President Donald Trump wasn't elected -- proved she's not taking her critics too seriously as she called the memes she tagged in on social media "so weak." "How do you have a computer that runs both Windows ‘95 and Twitter at the same time?" she cracked.

The freshman congresswoman dug deeper into politics on Desus & Mero, but it was a funny segment featuring fellow congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib that couldn't have been more refreshing. Watch:

Turmp was also recently name dropped on Celebrity Big Brother this month, as former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci opened up about his time with the president -- and revealed his take on his intense social media practices. See more in the video below.