Ali Fedotowsky Reveals Name of Baby Boy -- See the Precious First Photo!

Ali Fedotowsky and family
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The former 'Bachelorette' gave birth to her son on Thursday.

Welcome to the world, Riley! 

One day after giving birth to her second child, Ali Fedotowsky is ready to share the first photo of her new baby boy -- and his precious name. The former Bachelorette, who took to Instagram on Friday to marvel over her son's insane resemblance to his sister, Molly, revealed that she and husband Kevin Manno decided to call their newborn Riley Doran Manno. 

In a post on her blog, Fedotowsky revealed that she and Manno were actually going back and forth between naming their son Henry or Miles.

"I had suggested Riley (and kept it on my top 5 list) a few months back but Kevin wasn’t taking to it like I was. So I had kind of dismissed it since Kevin wasn’t feeling it," she explained. "But after our little guy was born he just didn’t look like a Henry or Miles to us. And after Kevin sat with him for a bit while I was recovering, he looked up at me and said 'I think he’s a Riley.'"

Riley's name also has special family significance for the couple, "honoring Kevin’s brother Ryan and my sister Raya (pronounced Rye-yuh)," Fedotowsky wrote. "And Doran is my brother Michael’s middle name and my mom’s grandmother’s last name."

"Life is so much sweeter today ? One of these pictures is of Molly and the other is of her brother. They look SO much alike!" she wrote on Instagram. "Sharing his name and why it’s so special to us on my site today! #PracticallyTwins #BabyManno #AliLuvs #brotherandsister Photos by @ashleyburnsphotography and @valoriedarling." 

Fedotowsky opened up about her and Manno's struggle to pick a name for their son while speaking with ET in January.  

"This time, we're just having a really hard time [picking out a name]. It might be one of those situations where we have the baby and we're tweeting, 'What do we name this baby? Help us!'" she joked. 

See more on Fedotowsky in the video below.