Ali Fedotowsky Shows Off Her Baby Bump In New Bikini Pics!

Ali Fedotowsky and family
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The former Bachelorette took her baby-to-be on an adorable family vacation to Hawaii.

Ali Fedotowsky and her bump headed to Hawaii!

The former Bachelorette took to her baby-to-be on an adorable family vacation with her husband, Kevin Manno, and 1-year-old daughter, Molly -- and shared all the pics on her Instagram!

Fedotowsky, who returned to Los Angeles on Wednesday, posted tons of snaps from her beach outing on Tuesday, including a few shots of herself flaunting her baby bump in a bikini. The blonde beauty, who still has nine weeks to go before welcoming her baby boy, couldn't have looked happier while walking along the beach in blue linen pants and a colorful bikini top. 

"Last time we were on this beach together, I was 20 weeks pregnant with her and had no idea how much my heart could love ? ," Fedotowsky captioned a sweet shot of herself holding Molly. "Now I’m 31 weeks pregnant with her little brother on the same beach and wondering how I could possibly love even more #MoreOnTheBlog #AliLuvs #Hawaii #kauai." 

While Fedotowsky couldn't stop smiling on her vacay, she recently told ET that her second pregnancy isn't exactly smooth sailing. 

"No, I'm not ready at all. I'm in a lot of pain this time," she told ET earlier this month. "I don't know if it's like I'm more stretched out the first time or what."

"Yeah, it's different this time," Fedotowsky said. "The doctor legit told me to stop eating so much. I'm not even kidding you. The doctor was like, 'How much weight have you gained?' I was like, '25 pounds.' I was 27 weeks, this was just a week ago. And she's like, 'So maybe you shouldn't eat quite as much as you've been eating.'"

See more in the video below.