Amanda Kloots Reveals Who She'd Cast as Late Husband Nick Cordero in Her Biopic (Exclusive)

The TV personality and her fellow 'The Talk' co-hosts spoke with ET as they taped the show's 2,500th episode.

Amanda Kloots' memoir Live Your Life is getting turned into a movie, and the TV personality already has a few casting ideas for the forthcoming biopic.

ET's Kevin Frazier was on the set of The Talk for the show's milestone 2,500th episode on Thursday, where he spoke with Kloots -- as well as her fellow co-hosts, Jerry O'Connell, Sheryl Underwood, Akbar Gbajabiamila and Natalie Morales.

During the chat, the subject of the potential biopic came up, and The Talk hosts all weighed in on who should play Kloots in the story of her life.

"Let her play herself!" Underwood suggested, before floating the idea of Nicole Kidman taking on the role.

"Get out of my head! I was saying Nicole Kidman in my head," Gbajabiamila replied.

"Or Jennifer Lawrence," Underwood added.

"Jennifer Lawrence would be great too," Morales chimed in, as Kloots smiled at the different possibilities.

As for the actor who would play Kloot's late husband, Broadway star and musician Nick Cordero, Kloots had a very specific star in mind.

"My dream casting is Adam Driver," Kloots declared. "Adam Driver, I'm coming for you."

Cordero's battle with COVID-19 was documented in heartbreaking detail by Kloots as the actor battled against the illness early in the pandemic. He was first admitted to the hospital with pneumonia on March 30, 2020, then was diagnosed with COVID-19 shortly after. He was placed in a medically induced coma as doctors attempted to save his life. Cordero tragically died on July 5, 2020.

Kloots and their young son Elvis -- who turned 1 less than a month before Cordero's death - would visit him as often as possible, although were forced to stay distanced due to the pandemic.

Kloots' book, Live Your Life, which is named after a song written and performed by her husband, details their romance, his health battle, and coping with her loss while raising their child with love and positivity.

Last month, Kloots also connected with Kelly Rizzo, the widow of the late Bob Saget, shortly after his shocking death in January. 

Rizzo posted a selfie with Kloots to her Instagram Story in February, writing, "So grateful to connect with this strong angel of a human. Her insight is so incredible and helpful. Love you already @amandakloots."

"It was an honor to meet her and spend time with Kelly," Kloots told ET. "She is a beautiful woman and yes, we instantly had an incredible bond and friendship."

"And it continues to grow," she added. "I am so grateful to know her and grateful to have another partner in this roller coaster ride. It really is important."

At the time of their get together, Kloots shared a selfie with Rizzo, and wrote, "New friends in a club we didn’t ever think we’d be in. So grateful to now know this strong woman."

As for The Talk's big celebratory episode, Kloots and all her co-stars had nothing but love and appreciation for the experience, and for the support from fans.

"You know, we really are a huge family here. I mean from everybody from behind the scenes to this group of hosts here, we really enjoy coming to work every single day," Kloots shared. "We really appreciate everybody tuning in to see what we want to talk about."

"It really means a lot," Underwood said of the milestone. "Because it means that the audience made the connection with the show, and in this business to do 2500 of anything is an achievement and we appreciate it."

The Talk's momentous 2,500th episode airs Friday, March 11 on CBS.