'America's Got Talent': Amazing Indian Acrobatic Dance Crew V.Unbeatable Rules the Night

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After getting the Golden Buzzer earlier this season, the high-flipping, mind-blowing dance crew V.Unbeatable returned to the America's Got Talent stage on Monday during the second night of the season's live quarterfinals, and it's clear they are in it to win it.

"We are more than a dancing group, we are a family, and the foundation of a family is built on trust," the leader of the Mumbai, India-based crew shared during their moving pre-taped package played before their epic performance. "No matter what, we are always here for each other."

"We know that if we ever fall, that someone will catch us," he added. "Being part of V.Unbeatable gives us wings and allows us to fly."

Now that they are in the live quarterfinals, V.Unbeatable said they want to "push the boundaries even farther," which is an amazing promise considering the performance that earned them a Golden Buzzer from guest judge Dwyane Wade during the Judge Cuts Round.

However, against all odds -- and seemingly the very laws of physics -- the 29-man crew actually managed to pull it off, topping even themselves with a performance that was nothing short of legendary.

Not only were their talents as a precision dance crew on full display, their feats of acrobatic daring and next-level showmanship bordered on the unbelievable, with members of the crew jumping, flying and tumbling through the air as they leapt through hoops and hopped over one another, all while building human pyramids and dancing.

The performance earned a standing ovation from all four judges -- and every single member of the audience -- as well as a cacophony of cheering that shook the very building.

"Every time we see you guys, you push the boundaries," Simon Cowell praised, after a night of particularly harsh feedback and criticism. "What is so important about what you did tonight -- compared to some of the previous acts -- you made every second of those two minutes count."

Julianne Hough declared that the act was "the best performance of the night," and Howie Mandel took his praise a step further, telling the group, "I've been here for 10 years, I've watched the show for 14 years, [this was] by far the best performance I have ever witnessed!"

The feedback drew another standing ovation from the judges, and secured their status as one of the season's fan favorite acts.

After the show, ET's Denny Directo spoke with a few members of V.Unbeatable, who shared their excitement for the judges' feedback and their gratitude.

"We never thought wed be here so it feels amazing, you know?" the performers shared. "I want to thank the American people for showing love and support to us… thank you for loving us and believing in us."

Judge Julianne Hough also spoke with ET and marveled at the performers' dedication to their craft and their ambition.

"A lot of people come on here for fame and glory and to be the best, and this group is so authentic and real and all they want to do is be a family and a community," Hough shard. "America can feel the authenticity behind it."

During tonight's quarterfinals, 12 acts duked it out and only seven acts will be moving on to the semifinals based on viewer votes. Find out who's staying on and who's going home during tomorrow's special AGT results show, which kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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