'America's Got Talent': Young Golden Buzzer Winner Gets Cut in Emotional Semifinals Results Show

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The 11 remaining  America's Got Talent semi-finalists hit the stage once again on Wednesday, to find out who will be moving on to the finals and whose AGT journey has come to an end.

This week's live results show kicked off with one of the biggest shocks of the season thus far, when host Terry Crews announced which three acts were in jeopardy and would be vying for the Dunkin' Save: Stand-up comic Ryan Niemiller, 10-year-old Opera diva Emanne Beasha and light artist Alex Dowis.

Based on viewer votes cast during the show, one contestant would be spared from elimination with the Dunkin' Save, while the judges would have to pick between the other two. But, fans didn't find out who among the three got the axe until the final moments of the special episode.

Only five acts in total were able to forward to the finals, and it was an exclusive group that was revealed over a surprising, tense night of eliminations and results.

Terry announced the first three acts to learn their fate and find out who'd be moving on, and after calling V.Unbeatable, it felt like whoever he called next already knew their fates were sealed.

The two acts to step up alongside the acrobatic dance crew were Swedish musician Chris Kläfford and Australian magician Dom Chambers. Both looked resigned to their fates as they waited for Terry to reveal the results, and when he called V.Unbeatable's name, they both applauded as the wildly excited crew embraced each other.

The next pairing group to learn their fates were the wild card act Lukas & Falco, musician Marcin Patrzalek and the fan favorite Detroit Youth Choir. 

Despite Patrzalek's absolutely amazing cover of Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" from the semifinals, it was essentially a foregone conclusion that Detroit Youth Choir would come out victorious -- however, they didn't keep them from absolutely flipping out when Terry called their names. Now they just have to bring that inspirational spirit to the finals and they have a real shot.

The final showdown was between Broadway hopeful Luke Islam and the military singing quartet Voices of Service. With Islam having earned a Golden Buzzer this season, this was easily the most tense pairing of the night, but there was no topping Voices of Service's deeply emotional performance on Tuesday.

When Crews announced their names, singer Sgt. Maj. Christal Rheams almost doubled over in tears, and Islam graciously congratulated the group by coming over to give them big hugs for their success.

Finally, it came time to reveal who'd been awarded the Dunkin' Save by viewer votes and, after an interminably long pause, it was revealed that Niemiller had won over voters with his story and his stand-up act.

This left it up to the judges to choose between Dowis and Beasha. While Dowis' art is undeniably impressive and emotional, Beasha is a vocal powerhouse who shouldn't have been in jeopardy in  the first place. When it came time to decide, the vote was 3-1 in the young singer's favor, securing her place in the finals and sending Alex home.

The long-awaited America's Got Talent finals kick off Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. For more on this season's semifinals, check out the video below.


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