'America's Got Talent': 10-Year-Old Opera Diva Emanne Beasha Reveals Her Love for BTS (Exclusive)

The young singer wowed judges and opened up to ET about the final night of the Season 14 Quarterfinals.

After a somewhat lackluster final night of America's Got Talent Season 14 quarterfinals, 10-year-old opera diva Emanne Beasha took the stage as the final act and tore the roof off the Dolby Theater with her larger-than-life voice.

In her emotional pre-taped package, the young prodigy shared that getting this far in the competition has made her feel like one of the characters from the operas that she loves so much, and that makes a lot of sense considering the love she's gotten thus far on the show.

Decked out in an angelic pink dress and surrounded by misty fog, Emanne had an ethereal, otherworldly quality that immediately set her apart from anyone else on the show. Add on to her stage presence the fact that she can sing like a seasoned opera pro, and it all just heightened the magic of her big moment.

The young songstress belted out the classic opera number "Ebben" and the high notes in a way that left all the judges absolutely floored.

Backstage after the show, ET's Denny Directo spoke with Beasha, who said that while her biggest inspirations come from classical opera, she still has some favorite contemporary artists she loves to listen to as well.

"I'm a giant BTS fan," Beasha revealed with a smile. After some intense consideration, the young singer also admitted that her favorite song is "Heartbeat."

In regards to the recent announcement that they'd be taking a break from performing, Beasha said she understood the decision: "It's always good to have a break, because they're like really up there and maybe they just need to get out a little bit."

While she is proud of her BTS fandom, the AGT judges are clearly big fans of hers.

"You aren't just in a different league tonight, you're on a different planet from everyone else," Simon Cowell said of the mind-blowing number, adding "This is one of those times I'm going to remember."

The outspoken judge -- who was one of the harshest critics during last week's round of the quarterfinals -- doubled down with his praise, telling Beasha, "If you don't get through [after that], I will eat this judging table."

Julianne Hough added that what Beasha did "transcends" anything she'd ever heard before -- which is some high praise -- and added that her performance was absolutely "mind-blowing."

Hough was equally effusive speaking with ET after the show, explaining that the act put her "in a state of awe."

"She's timeless," Hough marveled. "She's an icon at 10 years old and helping to pave the way for many artists to come.

This isn't the first time Beasha was the stand-out contestant. The young AGT hopeful previously earned a Golden Buzzer from guest judge Jay Leno during the final night of the Judge Cuts Round earlier this season.

"I feel like I am witness to something extremely special," guest judge Leno explained. "At some point in my career, people will say, 'What do you remember the most?' And I'll say, 'I remember hitting the Golden Buzzer.'"

Tune in to the special America's Got Talent results show -- Wednesday, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC -- to see if Beasha makes it to the semi-finals or if Cowell will be eating a table.