Andy Cohen Reveals What Bo Dietl Texted Him After the 'RHONJ' Reunion

The host and producer opened up about the private eye drama stemming from this season on 'RHONJ.'

Andy Cohen is opening up about recent communication with private detective Bo Dietl, after the famous P.I.'s name was brought up several times during the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion finale on Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, Cohen revealed during an episode of his SiriusXM show Radio Andy, that Dietl texted him and reiterated that he was never hired by Teresa Giudice's husband, Louie Ruelas, to investigate the other castmembers on RHONJ.

"So, I just want to say on his behalf, he said, 'I never did any investigations on the cast of the Housewives of New Jersey. I never said that I didn't do any other investigations for Louis,'" Cohen recounted. "So, he's saying that Louis didn't hire him to investigate the cast of the Housewives of Jersey, so that's a very specific thing he's saying."

"He was not officially hired to investigate," Cohen reiterated Dietl's text message denial. "Yes, so I just wanted to say that."

The drama surrounding Ruelas' supposed hiring of a private eye to dig up dirt on the other RHONJ stars began when Ruelas specifically said he had done exactly that. 

An episode titled "Flappers of Fury" saw an impassioned Ruelas tell his wife and several guests at Dolores Catania's prohibition party that Dietl "knows s**t about everybody in this room."

"I'm not talking, like, gossip," Ruelas continued during the episode. "Like, Bo Dietl, who's, like, one of the most famous private investigators in the country, one of my best friends, brought me information on each person in this group. There's so much more."

During Tuesday's RHONJ reunion finale, however, Louie claimed, once again, that he had made it all up, and never contacted Dietl to investigate anyone.

Many of his castmates, however, strongly disagreed -- including John and Rachel Fuda, who claimed to have hard evidence that they were being contacted and surveilled by people working for Dietl. 

One of the tensest moments of the reunion came when John demanded that Ruelas admit to what he did and apologize, and Ruelas adamantly refused to do so.

Dietl himself previously denied being hired by Ruelas while speaking with ET back in May.

"The fact is, look, I know Louie and Teresa, I've known 'em for a long time, over the years. I've known them very well, I've been to their home for their housewarming of their home. I'm not part of this Housewives stuff," Dietl maintained. "All I really know is, I like Louie and I like Teresa. Now, all of a sudden, he gets into a beef with his brother-in-law, and the next thing he opens his mouth, and the brother-in-law knows he knows me, so what is he gonna say? 'I got the most famous private investigator -- I got dirt on every one of yous.' It was all bologna and it never happened."

Dietl, meanwhile, said he's glad Ruelas admitted to lying about his involvement with the cast.

"I'm glad the New York Post today came out with the retraction of his, and he had this after-show thing, and he said he made it up," he said. "And, of course, it's made up. Look, I've been retired 38 years from the police department. We don't do no scuzzy stuff like that kind of stuff, but in reality, if we were hired to do an investigation, we'd do an investigation. That investigation, to do eight cast members, probably would cost him half a million bucks. I don't think Louie's gonna be paying a half a million bucks. I mean, to get real surveillances and all this kind of stuff -- but Louie was talking out of his butt a little bit on that one."

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