'RHONJ' Reunion: Joe Gorga Reacts to Teresa Giudice's Claim He Played a Part in Her Going to Prison

Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga
Bravo/ Jocelyn Prescod

The family drama got particularly heated during Thursday's reunion special.

There were a lot of accusations and heated fights on Tuesday's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, as the sibling rivalry between Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga intensified.

Tuesday's part 3 of the season 13 reunion special with the husbands joining the Housewives on stage, and the weird tension between Teresa and Joe -- as well as Joe's wife, Melissa Gorga -- was palpable before any words were uttered.

There was also some real friction between Teresa's new husband, Louie Ruelas, and Joe, as the pair began to clash from the start.

After some bickering and sniping between the group, Joe and Louie exchanged words, and Joe lamented, "I gave you the benefit of the doubt. And I don't want nothing from you. You know what I wanted? A family."

"Me too," Louie said. "Me too."

"I wanted a brother-in-law," Joe continued. "And I wanted my sister."

Joe then wistfully recalled how solid his relationship was with Teresa after she got out of prison in 2015, after serving 11 months behind bars.

"When she came home from prison, she was the best after that. She was humble, we talked every day. I called her, I loved that," Joe said. "Didn't I call you every day?"

"Because we were filming," Teresa shot back.

"What?! We were filming?! C'mon, Teresa," Joe pleaded. "Stop with your nonsense. I'm talking about before Louie showed up!"

Before long, the topic of Teresa's time in prison -- after she and ex-husband Joe Giudice were both convicted on multiple fraud charges -- circled back around as Teresa was asked about comments she made implying her brother may have played a role in getting her and her ex-husband arrested in the first place.

"I know he would never try to hurt me," Teresa said, before suggesting the exact opposite and accusing her brother of working with her ex-husband's former business partner to rat them out and get the convicted.

"You were talking to his partner," Teresa alleged.

"It's ridiculous!" Joe shoots back.

The division between Teresa and Joe only worsened as Teresa said this was the last time she ever wanted to talk to him.

"I've been through this for 10 years, it's absolutely disgraceful," Teresa said. Joe put the blame on their strain on Louie, and argued that if Teresa had met a "normal guy" without a shady history, they wouldn't be in the position their in.

"Just a matter of time, Joe," Louie muttered under his breath like a cartoon villain. "Just a matter of time."

"You have stuff in your past," Teresa screamed at Joe. "You shouldn't talk about anyone's past!"

As seen in an ET Exclusive sneak peek earlier this week, the tensions boiled over as the siblings continued to fight, and eventually Teresa stormed off the set in tears until host Andy Cohen managed to cool things down, and get her back out.

While it didn't seem like they made any progress at all toward repairing their relationship, Joe seemed willing to hold out hope for forgiveness.

"You know what, Teresa? I will never say never. You're my only sister," Joe said. "I am not happy with you. I am upset with you. But I will always love you. If you got in a car accident tomorrow, I'm running by your side in that hospital. If you're sick, I will pick you up. If something happened."

However, Teresa and Louie seemed less than interested in patching things up, and Joe eventually suggested they just go "Live your f**king lives."

Teresa and Louie spoke with ET in May and explained that they left the taping no better off with her brother and Melissa than when they began filming that day. 

"I wish them well and I just want to focus on our family, our children," Teresa shared in May. "I'm thinking about just what's good for me. It's been a long time. I've been dealing with this a long time, so I just want peace and happiness, and I just want to focus on our family 'cause, like, all that is negative energy that I don't need in my life."

"It's sad," Louie said. "I do hope things come back to a better place, in due time. My wife needs some time to herself."

In May, ET learned production on the next season of RHONJ is on pause as the network figures out the direction of the series with the women at odds. This comes as the show hits historic viewership numbers; part one of the reunion drew 2.5 million viewers, becoming the most-watched Bravo episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey since 2019 and the best-performing episode of the series ever on Peacock. All episodes of RHONJ are available to stream on the NBCUniversal-owned platform. 

Peacock will premiere an uncensored and extended edition of part three of The Real Housewives of New Jersey's season 13 reunion on Thursday, June 14.