'RHONJ' Reunion: Melissa Gorga Pulls Out Shocking Jacqueline Laurita Text About Teresa Giudice

In a new sneak peek at part 2 of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' season 13 reunion, Melissa Gorga pulls out receipts!

The gloves are off and the receipts are coming out on part two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey's season 13 reunion.

The action picks up right where part one left off in the sneak peek, with Teresa Giudice going in on Melissa Gorga, accusing her sister-in-law and her husband, Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga, of aiding the federal investigation into her and her ex-husband, Joe Giudice's, financial dealings that ultimately landed them in prison. Teresa alleges the Gorgas buddied up to her ex's ex-business partner, whom Teresa says flipped on her Joe in order to avoid a prison sentence of his own.

The former couple pleaded guilty to multiple charges of fraud back in 2014, going on to serve consecutive sentences behind bars: Teresa spent a little less than 12 months in a federal facility in 2015, while Joe entered custody in 2016. The Italian-native got out in 2019, but was then deported and now lives in the Bahamas. Melissa denies having any involvement in their fraud case; she also says she has no idea who this ex-business partner is that Teresa keeps bringing up. 

"It's hard to believe," Teresa's longtime friend, Dolores Catania, offers of Teresa's suggestion that the Gorgas would have anything to do with her going to prison. "Do I think that a brother could do that to his sister? No!" 

"This is what happened," Teresa interjects, silencing Dolores. "[My brother] was not trying to do it to me. He was trying to do it to my ex, because he was hanging out with people who were doing it to my ex. It's very sad that my own family was hanging out with people that were trying to hurt us."

"What?!" Melissa asks, throwing her hands over her eyes and tossing her head back. "Teresa, we didn't commit mortgage fraud. You did, dollface. Like, stop. Stop. Stop blaming other people." 

Watch the tense back-and-forth play out here:

"I didn't commit mortgage fraud, that was my husband with wrong taxes," Teresa hurls back. For the record, Teresa and Joe pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, one count of bankruptcy fraud by concealment of assets, one count of bankruptcy fraud by false oaths and one count of bankruptcy fraud by false declarations. Joe also pleaded guilty to one count of failure to file a tax return.

Teresa doubles down on her allegations, which Melissa sums up as a "f**king lie." That's when Teresa brings up Jacqueline Laurita, her former co-star and former best friend turned enemy, whom she recently reconnected with amid her season 13 drama with Melissa. At one point in time, Teresa also questioned whether Jacqueline had something to do with her criminal charges. Teresa says Jacqueline will back up all her claims.

"That's credible, because she loves you," Melissa sarcastically cracks, pulling out her phone to pull up a text Jacqueline sent to castmate Jackie Goldschneider about Teresa less than a year before they "made up."

"To Jackie Goldschneider," Melissa reads, as the text appears onscreen. "'I know I shouldn't care, but her arrogance, voice and the fact she gets away with too much after being a nasty a**hole bothers me. She is a low-life trash bucket. She's stupid, but also very calculating. Even with her two facelifts, eye lift, nose job, shaved forehead, Botox, fillers and new boobs she is still so ugly and thinks she's a goddess. Lol! No, I'm not bitter at all! Lol! Every time I see something on her, it irritates me all over again. (OBVIOUSLY! Lol!) She's infamous for being a dumb, classless train wreck. She doesn't get it." 


"This is so mean, this is so petty, guys," Danielle Cabral mutters as Melissa continues to read. "This is terrible."

"Jacqueline's gonna come after you," Teresa warns Melissa.

"Sleep with one eye open," Dolores chimes in. "This is bad for you, Melissa. You're going down."

"This is your 'friend' that you want to use against me," Melissa says to Teresa. "And Jacqueline also said you look like trash, so whatever."

"And she said you were a whore!" Teresa spikes back.

"That's funny," Melissa deadpans.

"[Filming] went by so quick, like, I can't wait to see it myself because there was just a lot of us," Teresa told ET of the reunion taping. "I felt like a lot of people were coming after [me] and ... it was just sad, but we made it through."

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