Anne Hathaway Reveals Which 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Queen She Wants as Her Con Artist Partner (Exclusive)

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Anne Hathaway has already figured out who she'd want by her side if she gave up her glamorous celeb life and took up being a con woman.

In The Hustle, the Oscar-winner stars as a cunning and cultured scam artist named Josephine who begrudgingly teams up with a wild, young and inexperienced hustler in an attempt to con men out of their fortunes.

Speaking with ET correspondent Johathan Bennett at the gold carpet premiere of The Hustle at the Cineramadome in Hollywood on Wednesday, Hathaway dished on both her well-known love of RuPaul's Drag Race, and which of the show's many popular stars she'd want by her side if she became a real-life hustler.

"That is a really difficult question, because there's so many I would pick just to hangout with," Hathaway marveled, before seemingly settling on Shangela -- who recently made headlines performing a Beyonce medley tribute for the singer herself at the GLAAD Media Awards back in March.

"I just trust Shangela. I feel like all she does is just beam, and be better and so many good things," Hathaway marveled with a smile. "I'm sorry, Shangela, you deserve better. You deserve more articulation than I'm giving you right now, but I think Shangela would be great."

However, the actress also couldn't deny how great it would be to run cons with Monet X Change, whom she referred to as "my love."

"Because, if we got caught, I trust Monet X Change to be able to talk us out of it," she explained. "In that sense, I also think Asia O'Hara would be amazing too. I don't know if you've seen her Instagram captions but they are works of art."

In The Hustle, Hathaway got the chance to work with comedy genius Rebel Wilson, who plays her co-conspirator, and she reflected on the great time they had hanging out in Mallorca during production.

"For the last three weeks of the movie, we [really] started to have fun," she recalled. "Jumping in pools, staying up late, throwing dinner parties, that kind of thing."

Hathaway also marveled at Wilson's masterful and unparalleled capacity for improv, which proved to be a great aspect of shooting the fun, raunchy comedy.

"It's really something to witness, and I'm just lucky I got to see it up close," she shared. "She can come up with a different insult, like, 15 takes in a row. Completely original, side-splittingly hilarious insults."

Hathaway and Wilson's new con artist comedy The Hustle hits theaters May 10.


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