Ariana Madix Accuses Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss of Having Sex While She Was Home: 'Call Her Daddy' Bombshells

Ariana Madix opens up like never before about her ex, Tom Sandoval's, affair with Raquel Leviss.

Ariana Madix is spilling even more Scandoval tea. On the latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast with host Alex Cooper, the Vanderpump Rules star gave fans more insight into her ex, Tom Sandoval's, months-long affair with Raquel Leviss. Nothing was off-limits in the almost two-hour conversation, in which Madix detailed her and Sandoval's couples' therapy struggles, the issues with her and Sandoval's sex life, and the alleged lies she claims she's uncovered since the Vanderpump Rules reunion special taped. 

Additionally, Madix touched on the alleged "breakup conversation" Sandoval claims they had, "the plan" she thinks her ex had to end their relationship, and the thing she misses most about Sandoval. 

ET is breaking down some of the biggest bombshell claims Madix made during the podcast interview.

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss' In-Home Hookup 

Among the biggest bombshells from the episode was Madix's claim that, while she was at the home she owns with her ex, Sandoval and Leviss hooked up while she was in the other room.

"They had sex in my guest room while I was sleeping in my own bed that he and I went into bed in together and then he left the bed and went to the guest room and f**ked her," Madix said.

Addressing the "Open" Relationship

As for the rumor that Madix and Sandoval were in an open relationship at the time of his affair, the former reality star denied this and suggested that her ex was the one to push this narrative.

"Honestly, I think [that rumor] came from him," Madix said, recalling how, in January, she came out to deny tabloid reports that they were in an open relationship.

According to Madix, there was no indication that they weren't exclusive, as they were living together, sleeping in the same bed, and shared a romantic date night as recently as Valentine's Day.

Breakup Attempts 

Madix addressed Sandoval's claim that he tried to end the relationship several times and that she had an extreme reaction to that idea. Recalling an "hours-long" conversation they had in February about possibly calling it quits, Madix explained, "I said, 'If we break up, I'm probably going to quit the show, I will probably leave Los Angeles, I will probably deactivate my Instagram.' And he found that to be very offensive." 

"I was never saying that I was going to kill myself." Madix refuted. "I was saying that this life will be over for me, because I'll go do something else... I'm not talking about physically harming myself."

Couples' Therapy

However, Madix recalled how Sandoval was the first to suggest that they try couples' therapy several months ago, while he was already well into his affair with Leviss. According to Madix, it seems as if he was using therapy to try to break off their relationship, but then didn't do so when he actually had the chance.

"There was a session that got really intense, and it felt like maybe we were ending. And at the end of the session [the therapist] was like, 'OK, so, is this a breakup?' And he was like, 'No,'" Madix claimed.

Warning Signs

Madix also admitted that she turned a blind eye to some warning signs, such as how "everything was coming before me and before the relationship," and how Sandoval was always choosing to go out drinking or hanging out with friends instead of being at home with her.

"I trusted in him so much... that I trusted his perspective on things, and I think I was caught up," Madix explained, adding, "I'm a smart girl and I could have dug deeper, but I didn't."

Recounting some of the instances in which she felt most hurt by Sandoval's affair, Madix recalled how she spent some time grieving after her dog, Charlotte, who died last year.

"I definitely didn't have an idea that he would betray me during that time, because I thought he was also grieving," Madix said, before revealing that Sandoval was also "potentially" getting intimate with Leviss at their home when she was out of town following her grandmother's death.

More Affairs

In addition to Leviss, Madix claimed that she's learned about more affairs on her ex's part in recent weeks -- on top of rumors that have persisted for years.

"There was one time, years and years ago, when I got a direct message that was like, 'Tom hooked up with my friend in San Diego.' And I brought it up over and over again... and he was like, 'No, absolutely not,'" she claimed. "Now I'm thinking it was actually a yes."

"There was something he was getting away with that I just learned about in the past month... like bringing Rachel home to St. Louis," Madix claimed, referring to Leviss by her legal name. "He was putting her up in a hotel." 

Madix alleged that Sandoval was using other peoples' credit cards to pay for Leviss' travel while keeping it a secret from her, and through his actions forced others into uncomfortable situations. His disregard for others is ultimately one of the things that has truly bothered her in the aftermath of all the drama.

At the end of the day, Madix said of Sandoval, "I didn't lose him. He lost me."

Undisclosed 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Bombshells

As Bravo teases an unknown reveal in the upcoming reunion special, Madix seemed confused by the network's claims. As for rumors that Leviss is pregnant, which sources told ET is not true, Madix said she doesn't think there's a likelihood of that being the case, but didn't elaborate on why.

She also said that the rumor that the affair started "between the James [Kennedy] and Raquel era" is a possibility, but that she doesn't think it's that crazy if true. She added that she doesn't think Lisa Vanderpump "knew the whole time." Madix added "there's no way" that Leviss hooked up with Scheana Shay's husband, Brock Davis. Madix noted "anything that makes me feel unsafe," would be a deal breaker for her to return to the show. 

What Ariana Madix Misses the Most About Tom Sandoval

Though she said that the affair makes it hard for her to look at the relationship "with any level of nostalgia," Madix admitted that she misses her "inside jokes" with Sandoval and "being a goofball" with her ex. 

Ariana Madix's Funeral for Her Relationship

After Sandoval and Leviss opened up about their secret romance on camera for the first time, Madix said that her ex returned to the home they share to find her and her friends having a funeral for their relationship. 

"Our friends had all brought over wine and we were just watching Drag Race. It was essentially a funeral, right? Because these were people who were friends with him and friends with her and they were like, 'We've lost these friends because we cannot in good conscience,'" Madix said of the gathering. 

She claimed that Sandoval returned from filming with Leviss and yelled at the group that it was his house too and called the gathering a "party." She said he later left the house and went to Leviss' home. 

Does Tom Sandoval Miss Ariana Madix?

Madix speculated that her ex does miss her, noting, "As someone he would go to for advice on mostly everything up until that moment, I just think there's no way he doesn't [miss me], because he's been making a lot of questionable decisions over the last two months." 

The "Master Plan"

Madix said that if she hadn't found the evidence of the cheating, she still didn't think she and Sandoval would be together. 

"Still together? I would say no, given what I know about this plan," Madix said. "The plan was to break up with me without any sort of mention of an affair or cheating, whether that was pre-reunion or not or pre-going to film Winter House or not. And then they would just start dating." 

She said she was "so glad" she found out this way, noting that otherwise she would have "been this cog in the machine of this whole narrative" that Madix said Sandoval was creating. 

Ariana Madix's New Romance

Sandoval's loss is Daniel Wai's gain, as Madix has moved on with the fitness trainer.

"I would say it's really, really great," a beaming Madix shared, explaining how they first met at a wedding in Mexico and hit things off immediately. "I'm really, really enjoying myself."

She added that when they met she was upfront about what she could handle at the time, noting she told him she could handle talking a compliment, and "maybe a smooch." Wai is good with that. 

Tune in to Vanderpump Rules' three-part reunion Wednesday, May 24 at 9 p.m.ET/PT on Bravo to see the rest of the scandal unfold.