August Alsina Stands By His 'Truth' After Addressing Alleged Jada Pinkett Smith Relationship

The singer shared a lengthy post saying that his truth is his truth and people can believe what they want.

August Alsina is speaking his truth. This week, the 27-year-old singer made headlines for claiming that Will Smith gave him his "blessing" to have a relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. Now Alsina is saying, "My truth is MY truth."

Never mentioning Pinkett Smith or the Aladdin star in his Instagram post, Alsina began by touching on a number of topics before writing, "Truth & Transparency makes us uncomfortable, yes, but i can’t apologize for that."

"A tower of truth can never fall, only a tower of lies can do that. My truth is MY truth, & its mine to own. There is no right or wrong here, it simply just IS," he continued. "& I make room and have acceptance for your thoughts and opinions, regardless if I agree or not, you have that freedom to feel WHATEVER it is u feel because when you’re at TRUE peace, all of the noise and chatter becomes that of a whisper."

He added that his heart has "no malice or hate toward anyone on this planet. I just simply want the chains off & I’m willing to DIE getting there. The gift of freedom is yours to have, God promises us that, but only if you’re willing."

Explaining that he would never lie, he seemingly shared that everyone was contacted prior to his interview with radio personality Angela Yee.

"W/ that being said i should also say that, no one was side swiped by any conversation, everyone got courtesy calls time in advance," he concluded.

As ET previously reported, rumors that Pinkett Smith and Alsina were romantically linked have circulated for some time, with many fans believing that his 2019 song, "Nunya," was written about the actress. Recently speaking with Yee to discuss his new album, The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy, the artist touched on romance rumors between him and Pinkett Smith.

"People can have whatever ideas that they like, but what I'm not OK with is my character being in question," he said. "I'm not a troublemaker. I don't like drama. Drama actually makes me nauseous. I also don't think that it's ever important for people to know what I do, who I sleep with, who I date, right? But, in this instance, it's very different, 'cause as I said, there is so many people that are side-eyeing me, looking at me questionable about it."

"I actually sat down with Will and had a conversation," Alsina claimed. "Due to the transformation from their marriage to [a] life partnership that they have spoken on several times, and not involving romanticism, he gave me his blessing."

Alsina also claimed in the interview that he "totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life."

While Pinkett Smith has yet to specifically address his claims, she did take to Twitter on Thursday to write, "There’s some healing that needs to happen…so I’m bringing myself to The Red Table," referring to her Facebook Watch talk show, Red Table Talk.

Over the past few years, Pinkett Smith and the Bad Boys For Life star have both been vocal about being each other's "life partners." Last January, for example, they admitted on an episode of Red Table Talk that they don't celebrate their wedding anniversary.

"It’s more of a life partnership, so it’s not steeped in that day,” she explained to viewers of her Facebook Watch series. "We don’t really celebrate that day anymore in the sense because the context of our union is totally different."

And in an interview with TIDAL’s Rap Radar podcast in July 2018, Smith admitted that "There's no deal breakers" in their relationship. "There’s nothing she could do -- ever. Nothing that would break our relationship. She has my support till death and it feels so good to get to that space."