'Bachelor' Alum Ben Higgins Reacts to Ex-Fiancee Lauren Bushnell's Engagement to Chris Lane

Lauren Bushnell Ben Higgins
Todd Anderson/Freeform via Getty Images

"My life will always be tied at some level to Lauren and Lauren’s to mine."

Ben Higgins has a good outlook on his ex-fiancee Lauren Bushnell's recent engagement to country singer Chris Lane. 

On his podcast, Almost Famous, the 30-year-old Bachelor alum said he hopes that this is the push they both need to move on from their breakup.

"My life will always be tied at some level to Lauren and Lauren’s to mine, that’s just part of it when you’re engaged for a period of time or when you have a serious relationship at any point in your life," he explained. "You have a piece of them with you."

Higgins, who is dating Jessica Clarke, added that he was "thrilled" for Bushnell, and has no ill will toward his ex. "There are two ways to leave relationships: you leave them angry and resentful, or you leave them knowing it was for the best and the world and life will offer you great things afterward,” he shared. “That’s how Lauren and I left the relationship."

That being said, the former reality star admitted that his and Bushnell's split "wasn't easy" and left him with a broken heart, but insisted that he "still cares about her and wants what’s best for her."

"Ultimately, we left that relationship -- both of us -- I think, saying, 'I hope life brings you a ton of joy; I don’t want you upset and alone forever. I hope you find a partner as soon as possible. I hope everything that you want in this world that is healthy and good is given to you,'" he said. "And that’s exactly how I feel."

Higgins also had a message for Bushnell. "You found a man that you love without any pressure and… I could not be more excited for you," he continued. "My hope for Lauren and myself is that my life isn’t as closely tied to Lauren anymore. I hope that this separates us. I think that it’s great… Lauren has found an amazing man to spend her life with and we’re gonna move on and it’s good for all."

Higgins concluded, "I hope this is a chapter being closed completely, because I don’t know Lauren anymore and my life isn’t tied to her."

Ahead of Lane's proposal, Bushnell revealed to ET how she wanted her engagement to go down. "I just said... maybe not onstage," she said of not wanting a public engagement, like when Higgins proposed to her on The Bachelor. "Or a little more private than at a show." 

Here's more on how Lane popped the question: