'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Says Arie Luyendyk Jr. Should Never Have Proposed (Exclusive)

ET's Lauren Zima talked to the former 'Bachelor' ahead of tonight's tough finale.

Ben Higgins just doesn't know why he did that.

The Bachelor alum joined ET's Lauren Zima for a live interview Monday morning ahead of this season's intense season finale. Sources have told ET that Arie Luyendyk Jr. will get down on one knee and propose to one woman -- either Becca Kufrin or Lauren Burnham -- before ending the engagement and trying to work things out with his runner-up.

"My one issue with Arie after watching the finale [is] why would you take that step [and propose] if you're so torn?" Higgins asked.

"Don't feel like you have to get engaged. Don't put that pressure on yourself, because it's going to ruin the whole experience," he continued. "I don't know why, if you're torn, you would get down on one knee and make a commitment like that."

Luyendyk told both women he loved them before proposing to one. To Ben, the situation is different than when he said 'I love you' to both of his final two, JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell.

"When I was in that moment, I said 'I love JoJo, but I can't picture my life without Lauren,' and I think that's how I kind of decided," he explained. "It was pretty clear to me. I just knew that I was going to have to make a really hard decision. I didn't know how it would play out until the moment I'm standing in front of JoJo telling her goodbye."

"It was pretty clear [to me] throughout the whole season -- this Lauren girl, she's special," he added.

But as tough as that was to watch, to Ben, Monday night's finale sets a new bar for deeply uncomfortable moments, especially because it is being aired partially unedited.

"I've never felt not only more awkward but also, you know when you're in a situation that you feel like you shouldn't be watching?" Ben shared of watching the finale. "Like, 'I don't belong in this moment?' That's how I felt through most of the episode."

As for potentially returning to The Bachelor -- something some fans have been calling for after his appearance on the spinoff Bachelor Winter Games -- Ben is not ruling anything out, saying, "I'm not going to close the door on anything." But, his focus right now is on his new coffee startup, Generous.

"Two friends and I started Generous with the idea that we could sell coffee, donate profits back ... if I ever was the Bachelor again, I could not be called software salesman. I think I'd be 'Coffee Guy'!" he said. "I have tried to find a passion and a purpose for all this Bachelor stuff, especially post-breakup, because it's like, why did I go through all this? What did it all mean? And Generous has allowed me to not only do what I love with business but also to build a business so that we can donate profits back to something greater and help cause a movement that will change the world."

OK, but beyond changing the world, how about Bachelor in Paradise?

"I think I'm good," Ben laughed.

Watch ET's entire Facebook Live sitdown with Ben below.

The season finale of The Bachelor airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. After the Final Rose will air on Tuesday, featuring Luyendyk sitting down with both Kufrin and Burnham. The episode will also announce the next Bachelorette, with Fleming, Bekah Martinez, Kendall Long and Tia Booth making an appearance to share their thoughts on the finale.

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