'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Finally Explains That Empty Ring Box Promo (Exclusive)

Cassie Randolph also opens up to ET about her boyfriend's virginity.

Not everything is what it seems on The Bachelor. 

Fans were thrown for a loop by Colton Underwood's promo for the ABC dating show which showed him holding an empty ring box -- teasing a possible engagement. He previously teased ET by saying he did meet with celebrity jeweler Neil Lane, but as viewers found out on Tuesday night's season finale, he never proposed to his final pick, Cassie Randolph. 

"That was something we decided to do [to stir up speculation over the ending]," Underwood explained during his first ET interview with Randolph in New York City on Wednesday. 

"Obviously, my season was very unique and very different in many ways. There's gonna be a lot of twists and turns that people didn't see coming," he reasoned. "I like to troll a little bit on social media too, so I was all for the fun and games." 

Underwood and Randolph instead ended the show happily dating and taking it "day by day." They were, however, provided with a real Neil Lane ring during their Tuesday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live -- for when they're ready to take the next step. Underwood told ET that he already knows what kind of ring Randolph would like, so there's a chance he may swap out the sparkler for another of Lane's designs.  

The couple was clear on Tuesday night's finale about their plans to get engaged down the line, but they left fans wondering about another big question this season: whether Underwood was still a virgin. The 27-year-old former football player revealed his virginity on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette last year, and much was made about it during his Bachelor season. 

Underwood, who was shown finally having his fantasy suite date with Randolph on the show, told Chris Harrison on "After the Final Rose" that out of respect for Randolph, he was going to keep their sex life private and not kiss and tell. 

"I don't kiss and tell either," Randolph told ET, staying mum on whether Underwood had, in fact, lost his virginity. 

"I think [my decision not to reveal if I had sex] came on just naturally, with me talking about it earlier while the show was still airing. The whole dynamic of me being open and candid in regards to my virginity goes out the door when you are in a relationship because there are two people involved now," Underwood explained. "It is always a conversation with your partner, how much you want to reveal." 

"Yes, I put myself in the spotlight with being on a national television show and disclosing that, but in my opinion, I have been very generous on how much I have opened myself up about it," he continued. "I can just take that right back for a little bit and live my life in private."

The philanthropist is happy to finally be able to share his relationship with Randolph, however. 

"I think right now we're going to enjoy dating," he said. "We want some sort of normalcy of riding bikes, going to the grocery store. We're looking forward to doing everyday couple [things] because this is a time in our lives to have some fun and enjoy being with each other. But at the same time, we are very sure in this." 

"Yeah," Randolph agreed. "We're very confident in where we are right now and we're on the same page. So, it feels good."

The aspiring speech pathologist is also proud to have an impressive fence jumper on her arm. "You looked very good jumping that fence," Randolph praised Underwood. "I was very proud of him."

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