'Bachelor in Paradise' Stars Chris Randone & Krystal Nielson Almost Broke Up Before Their Wedding (Exclusive)

The couple's wedding will air on Tuesday night's 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson almost didn't make it down the aisle

During an interview with ET's Lauren Zima on Monday, the Bachelor in Paradise couple revealed that they came close to breaking up last December, but pushed through their struggles. They couldn't be happier that they did. 

"It's one of those things where it's like an earthquake, the plate tectonics, so out of place, everything was shaking. We finally dug deep and had these deep-rooted conversations that finally allowed us to feel stable and that allowed us to go ahead and really identify the importance of understanding one another," Randone revealed. 

"We were both having issues in ourselves that we just needed to work on it and come together as one," he added. 

"It was a defining moment because we really realized that it wasn't the other [person]," Nielson explained. "It was just some deep stuff within us."

Nielson, who appeared on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor in 2018, and Randone, who competed for Becca Kufrin's heart on The Bachelorette the same year, both entered Bachelor in Paradise last summer as villains from their respective seasons. They bonded over that, as well as having grown up without their fathers. 

"With that comes pain, feeling abandoned, not feeling good enough," Nielson said.

"[You have] expectations that are necessarily realistic," Randone chimed in. "Your expectations are not aligning with someone else."

The pair worked through their issues ahead of their televised wedding, airing on Tuesday's episode of Paradise. Nielson decided to walk down the aisle by herself. 

"I walked solo, and for me, that was something I have always known that I would do," she said. "I just feel very self-made, and I was raised by a single mom, but she was never really here, so I really was on my own. I didn't look at it as a sad thing, but as a powerful moment for me to walk into my future and know, I'm standing here because of me. It felt really special."

The fitness guru tried on 26 dresses before deciding on a stunning Martina Liana gown for her big day, but she and Randone went straight for custom rings by Neil Lane. 

"I was looking at all these bands, and Neil Lane was there when we were picking them out, and I was like, 'Honestly, Neil, my dream ring is to conform to my pear-shaped diamond. I don't want the gap in there. I just want it to almost be a crown to support the ring he gave me when Chris asked me to marry him,'" Nielson explained. 

"For me, it just feels symbolic of our relationship, of when we first met and where we were going to be going forward," she added. "It was really symbolic to have this little crown element."

Randone, meanwhile, went for a hammered gold band with a raw diamond. "I wanted to be different," he shared. "Neil showed me all these rings, just the classic band, and to me, I just don't like the norm. I like to go unique. I like different." 

Lane showed him an example of the kind of custom design he could create, and he was immediately on board. "He handcrafted it and I was like, 'Wow.' It came out amazing," he raved. 

"We were married two months ago, so we can't, like, really show photos. We haven't even seen photos until just, like, a few days ago. We couldn't show off our wedding rings and couldn't really talk too much about it so now its finally like, 'We got married!'" Nielson said. "I really want to scream it from the rooftop and, like, celebrate it!" 

Next up for the couple are babies; they're hoping to get pregnant with twins next year.  

"We definitely want a boy and a girl, 100 percent, so we're going to have to hopefully get twins and knock it out first try," Randone said with a laugh. "We have twins that run in our family, so we're optimistic about twins." 

"I would love that," Nielson confessed. "One pregnancy, two babies!" 

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