'Bachelor': Peter Weber's Mom Barb Says She 'Absolutely' Won't Try to Make Amends With Madison Prewett

Barb has drawn a line in the sand.

Barbara Weber has drawn a line in the sand. 

Peter Weber's mom made headlines for slamming her son's new relationship with Madison Prewett on Tuesday's season finale of The Bachelor, declaring that she's sure their romance "won't work." Barb's comments have "splintered" the Weber family, host Chris Harrison told ET on Wednesday morning, and now it might be even harder to repair that damage, following her explosive new interview. 

Barb told Life & Style on Thursday that she will "absolutely not" try to make up with Madison after their tense exchange on After the Final Rose. "There's nothing for me to apologize for," she insisted, adding that she also has not received an apology from Madison. 

On Tuesday's finale, Barb offered some insight into her strong feelings against Madison, which she said were shared by the rest of the Weber family, as well as Peter's friends. She said that in Australia, Madison delayed their meeting for three hours, and then only greeted them upon Peter's request -- and didn't offer an apology. Barb also claimed that Madison said she wasn't in love with Peter, and that she wouldn't accept his proposal. 

It was Madison who initially broke up with Peter in Australia, noting that they were on different paths. She valued her faith, which Peter admitted he could be "stronger" on; she was saving herself for marriage, and Peter thought intimacy was important in a relationship; she seemingly didn't drink alcohol, and Peter did. 

Madison did not deny Barb's claims during Tuesday's finale, simply offering that she "can't change the past." Barb doubled down, saying of her son, "He's going to have to fail to succeed... Everyone that knows him, knows it's not going to work." 

Harrison previously told ET that Barb looked upset from the beginning of Tuesday's finale taping and that Madison was "pissed" to have been blindsided by Barb's harsh comments. However, it seems Barb also felt blindsided by Madison and Peter's reunion after his failed engagement to Hannah Ann. 

"I knew Madison was in the picture, but I didn't know what was going to happen [on After the Final Rose] until the last moment," she revealed, explaining that Peter was "sequestered" in a hotel three days before the taping. "We couldn’t have any contact with him," Barb added. "What everybody heard was the first time we heard it."

Barb also had some choice words about The Bachelor, saying that the reality dating show is "extremely scripted" and provided a different view of Madison than the one she experienced. 

"It's not reality …There's just a lot going on with the show," she claimed. "They gave [Madison] the best edit … the very, very best edit that anybody can get. They gave it to her."

"They did not show anything of what really happened [and] the questions that I asked her," she added of her conversation with Madison in Australia. "They did that episode just to make her look the best that she could … It was just unfortunate America did not get to see what really happened on that day."

At the end of the day, Barb said she doesn't "hate" Madison -- but she does think Peter's new girlfriend owes an apology to his former fiancee, Hannah Ann. 

"She never, ever mentioned how sorry she was to Hannah Ann for what had happened," said Barb, who led the applause on Tuesday's finale when Hannah Ann broke up with Peter. "I just found that to be very telling that she never even apologized to Hannah Ann. You know, Hannah Ann was hurt, of course, but she never even apologized to her."

"We just simply say that Madison's values and Peter’s don’t align. Her values don’t align with Peter’s, but no, we don’t hate her," Barb offered. "They just don’t align and … you want to protect your kids no matter how old they are."

"The most important thing that we want for our children is their happiness. I just want his happiness," Barb added. 

During an interview with ET on Wednesday night, Harrison opened up about how Peter was doing. Watch below. 


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